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Potty Training

Potty training = fail :( Advice?

I put my daughter in underwear yesterday for the first time.  She peed in the underwear 4 times and knew immediately she had peed.  The fifth time she held it in and didn't want to go on the potty.  She finally did (but kind of panicked while it was happening and was very, very proud of herself.  Since then she is refusing to pee in the potty or in a diaper.  She just holds it until naptime or bedtime or until there is so much it has to come out and she bursts into tears.  We both know she has to go because she keeps grabbing her crotch and looking at me like she is very worried.  When I tell her she can go in the potty or in the diaper she yells, "Don't want to!" and continues to hold it.  She says she wants to keep the pee in her bum bum (inside her).  How do I get her to understand it is ok for it to come out?  It doesn't even need to be in the potty, I just want her to pee so she doesn't give herself a bladder infection. 

 She is 29 months.  

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Re: Potty training = fail :( Advice?

  • My daughter was holding her pee too for awhile. We started giving her a penny each time she went potty in the potty. We took 50 pennies, put them in a jar, and she would get to put a penny in her piggy bank each time after going in the potty. If she goes poop in the potty she gets 2 pennies. Once all 50 pennies are in her pig we take her to the store and let her pick out a small prize. We give her choices of different things she can pick out. After a couple weeks we did 100 pennies instead of 50. Good Luck, I hope your daughter will stop trying to hold her pee for so long.
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  • My daughter was doing this too at first. What helped was giving her lots of sweet drinks like juice, chocolate milk, even a little root beer. She drank way more than she normally would. An hour later there was no way for her to hold it. After a few pees on the potty she was much more comfortable and less likely to hold it. Also I went from trying to get her to sit on the potty frequently to just every 2 hours or when she started acting squirmy.
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