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Potty Training

Peeing on the changing table

We haven't officially started potty training my son (he's not showing enough readiness signs I don't think). However, we have let him pee in the toilet like daddy several times, and once or twice he's pooped in the toilet as well (with one of us holding him, just sitting on the normal seat). Through that process he's apparently learned how to make himself go. Now whenever we take the diaper off he will pee all over the changing table on purpose. I'm sure that he did it once and my husband reacted and now he thinks it's funny. I tell him that we pee either in a diaper or in the toilet and that's all. I invite him to use the toilet when I see he's about to pee but he says no. 

Does the fact that he can pee on cue mean he's ready and we should start training? Should I just change him in the bathroom so he's right by the toilet in case he tries to go? Any other ideas? I'm at a loss. 

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