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Poor DS... TMI

I'm not feeling that great today and DH is off at work.

DS pooped and obviously I had to clean him. Normally baby poop doesn't even phase me, even while pregnant. 

Except apparently today. I was almost done wiping him when I seriously just spontaneously threw up. I turned my head because that was the only reaction I could manage, except I didn't turn fast enough apparently.

I puked on my poor kid. (payback?)

I ended up taking both kids in the shower with me but I still feel bad for actually throwing up on my kid.

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Re: Poor DS... TMI

  • Oh No! At least he won't remember it... And someday you'll probably look back and laugh, no harm, no foul.

    Hope you feel better soon, feeling sick is the worst. And I think pregnant sick is  way worse than regular sick Sad 

  • Aww I hope you feel better!
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  • Hope you feel better soon!!! And congratulations on your pregnancy!! =)
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  • Awwww- That's awful. But honestly, between my two kids, I lost track on how much I got puked on this week. Seriously. They'll get you back if they haven't, I'm sure! :p


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