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Anyone else not doing a themed b-day party?

K isn't really into anything in particular, so I didn't see the point in doing a theme. I just bought colorful plates, tablecloths, and I'm making rainbow cupcakes, but that's about it. Oh, and she has an awesome birthday outfit to wear. I'm just hoping I don't regret it and her end up with a lame party. 

Re: Anyone else not doing a themed b-day party?

  • The theme of Ds's birthday is Birthday party. Thats it.

  • For DS's birthday is celebration. I'm having left over plates from my niece's birthday party (because DS isn't going to care that the plates are red). I'm making a sign for DS, but that's it. The only thing I would regret is not doing anything.

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  • We are doing a theme, but I don't think it is a must. We went to one that didn't have a theme and it was a great little party. So either way you go, it's a good time.

    Also, I have to add, I LOVE your little skunk pic.



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  • image*BlackSheep*:

    The theme of Ds's birthday is Birthday party. Thats it.

    Sounds about right.  He's too young to know any better - I'll save the themes and stress for when he'll actually notice. 

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  • We're not doing a theme.  We didn't do a theme for ds's 1st or 2nd b-day.  This year for his third, we did Curious George, only because he's really into it.  Dd is getting (hopefully if my SIL can do it) a light purple cake with white daisies on it (and only because that sounds cute to me). 
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  • I thought about it and we are just doing bright colors as well and that is it.  I figured having themed parties would be more fun when they are aware of it.  Big Smile
  • I'm not going to do a theme per se for Z's1st birthday. I am making her a princess themed cake, but that's about it! I will probably get matching plates, etc, but nothing over the top. I'm just not super creative like that LOL
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  • We are having it by the beach in May--so it will be a beach theme--due to location. if we were having it at our house, there wouldn't be a theme :) She isn't into anything except for Barney--she LOVES Barney. (And Barney isn't that popular these days so there aren't many things with Barney on them anyway.)
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  • We are just doing bright colors, too. Although I did get a "stick the nose on Elmo" game.


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  • No theme here either. Just pink and yellow. I'd rather focus on the fact that she's turned one year old than put the focus on a silly character or what-have-you. Theme parties are fine, don't get me wrong. I figure once she has an opinion on things she'll let me know what kind of party she wants and then I can get all theme-y. For now I want it sweet and simple.
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  • We are having a light theme.  By that I mean that we are doing carnival colors and carnival type games, but we're not going all out with a carnival theme.  I just wanted to have fun games like bean toss and "tight rope walk" at the party.
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  • We're doing a Mickey theme. Just wanted to do something fun and something we don't have to spend a fortune on. We're doing red, black and yellow so I'll get some solid ballonos and plates and cups and I'm making my own invitations and banners etc with helps from cricut and sewing machine.
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