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  • Hey my name is Victoria and never want to have another pregancy for a while because this has been the worsed expernce and its getting worse every week. I hope your pregancy is going ok. How far along are you?
  • I am 32 weeks today!!!  This our fourth child and we are VERY excited to meet him.  This has been a hard pregnancy for me but my other pregnancies were a breeze so I count myself lucky.  I have horrible heartburn right now and major trouble sleeping.  All I know is I am counting down the days till this baby comes!
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  • I feel the exact same way as you! This is my first child and I have had such a rough pregnancy so far .. I am 32 weeks today! My first trimester I was sick 24/7 I couldn't even look at food with out getting sick once that went away I was ok until I was 26 weeks and I had to get rushed to the hospital for preterm labor .. luckly I have an amazing dr and she managed to stop my labor now I am on bed rest and counting down the days till my little man gets here! Everyone says once you meet your baby for the first time you forget how aweful your pregnancy was but I am not so sure about that it seems like alot to forget but it will def be worth it in the end!


    I hope things get better for you!! good luck!

  • 32 weeks today! :) I've had a pretty easy pregnancy. But I don't think we will be having any more kids until this one is at least potty trained. ;) I can't wait to meet my baby girl. Seems so close but so far away. Haha
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  • Hello! im 32 weeks today too with my first! so far so good! I haven't feel bad and still able to workout! the only thing I started feeling is my belly getting hard if I walk too much and starting to feel uncomfortable when sitting forward or any position that is not straight with my back arch a little bit...  it looks like I have to change position constantly... Cant wait to meet my baby!!

    for those that cant sleep I recommend you guys to walk and move so you can sleep at night. I realize that when I dont workout for a few day I wake up at night with body discomfort...


    good luck to you all!! 

    Fernanda CH
  • I had a very easy first and second trimester, but feel like I am going downhill fast! I have already been to the ER to rule out labor. I have constant braxton hicks and round joint ligament pain. I am counting the days until I meet our little guy!
  • hey you guys i hit 32 weeks last thursday for our very perious lil girl she is baby number 2 :D went into the er though last night and she is having dips in her heart beat :( we've ruled out lack of aminotic fluid so that is always a plus
  • 32 weeks!! :D Got a new sonogram the other day, baby boy's already down positioned, and I'm getting quite a few contractions a day, so excited for the remaining weeks!!!!!
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  • Week 32 :) first baby for my husband and I, AND ITS A BOY!!! :)
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  • Baby Mundy is still hanging in there....32 weeks and healthy...going for checkup tomorrow. The scale is the WORST part of the appointment ... I have only gained 30 so its a little more than I wanted but still not so bad yet as I type this I am eating popcorn. LOL! Dying to meet baby.... countdown is on. 
    Mrs Mundy
  • Checkup today went great! Heads down ...getting ready ....ooohhhh soooo excited


    Mrs Mundy
  • 32 weeks today!!  I'm so excited that so far things have been going well for me and my little girl.  I have a sonogram at the end of the week, can't wait to see how big our little girl is!  We've managed to bring it down to 6 names! I know... We figure we rule out one name a week until she arrives...  Picking out a name was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

     Good luck to all the mommies and expected babies out there!!  Only 8 weeks to go!! Can't believe how fast it really went - thinking I"m going to miss my bump when its gone - but happy that I'll have my little girl!

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  • I was 32 weeks this past Wednesday....this is my second baby and my first was 4 days before his EDD so I'm hoping this little girl follows his lead :]
  •  wow  i m  32 weeks and  still feel i have so much to do . this is our  3rd  and  my  sons  bday  is the 21st  of dec  then christmas and then  baby   o may  just a bit over whelming
  • Hello everyone!

     32 weeks here with my first! So far not too bad of a pregnancy, the usual aches and pains. Yoga and stretching has definitely helped. Cannot wait to meet my little boy! Big Smile

  • 32 weeks here :) the beginning of the pregnancy was tough because of extreme morning sickness that kept me in bed most days but things are looking up. I am so excited to meet my little one. However im kinda tired of people telling me im still too small and telling me im not eating enough. Baby is fine, According to our last appointment she is right on schedule :) 

  • Hit the 32 week marker! WOW! This is my first pregnancy and it is flying by. It has been pretty low-key so far and everything is checking out OK (though still not sure what position baby is lying in as the doctor has not yet checked). Honestly, I'm not taking anything for granted and will be a little sad not to feel those kicks when this is all over with. But I can't wait to meet my baby girl!  

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    I seriously understand. Not only did my wisdom tooth abscess twice, but I had gallstones so big I didn't gain weight for 3 months, and I had to have surgery to have it removed. They couldn't do the laprascopic so I ended up going under open surgery at 27 weeks. This has been the worst thing ever.
    Love is love, no matter what parts you were born with, and no matter the colour of your skin.
  • My 32nd week and I'm finally having BHC, I've gained 18Lbs. so far and 4 of it is my little boy, kicks like crazy when he's not asleep, 8 weeks to go maybe a little more. This is my 4th and probably last baby, his due date is 8/16/2013 and that will be between my son's high school orientation and the 1st day of school, his dad may have to take him the 1st day if I'm in the hospital, lol.
  • I've reached 32 weeks! Self high five! Baby Michael will be my hubby and my 1st and we're super excited for the next couple of weeks. He's due August 30... Can't believe it's gone this fast!
  • 32 weeks today and becoming sooo anxious. I experienced heart bur for the first time a couple nights ago (hopefully will be the last time) and my baby girl has been beyond active!! Im so excited and curious as to whats to come. any advice let me know please!!
  • Hey my name is Victoria and never want to have another pregancy for a while because this has been the worsed expernce and its getting worse every week. I hope your pregancy is going ok. How far along are you?

    So sorry to hear! :-( best wishes to you!
  • Hi! 32 weeks 4 days pregnant! Been feeling pretty good up until recently. Back pain... It's the worse!
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