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Week 35 check-in! Who's here?

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  • 35 weeks today! The Bump says I have 35 days left of pregnancy as well unless my baby girl decides to come early. Smile

    Lately, I've been getting this anxious like feeling almost like butterflies in my lower abdomen. Anyone else feeling this way? The feeling is so strong that I have to sit down and relax in order for it to go away. Hope all is well with the rest of you 35 weekers! Good luck ladies!

  • We hit 35 weeks Saturday! I'm getting excited/scared/nervous about her arrival. There is soooooo much to do. We're trying to get moved into our new house before she gets here and it's taking everything out of me- renovations, new flooring, painting, moving furniture...      I want everything ready, but have a feeling we're not going to make it. She's so active, always kicking and rolling around, but this weekend I think she started her "decent". The movements are coming from a lower point now and I've got a sneaking suspicion she'll come before 40.

    The ladies at work have been telling me that I should take it easy and not put so much stress on my body. That it could cause the baby to come sooner. How much truth is there to that? Women used to work in the fields "back in the day." I've always been active, either running, lifting weights, sports...    My Dr. said that our little girl is healthy and even encouraged me to keep active- as active as I felt comfortable with (w/in reason)- that it would make labor go smoothly.

  • 35 weeks! Due in 32 days, and I cannot wait to see my twin angels!Big Smile
  • 24 weeks today!!!
  • If you trust your doctor, stick with his or her advice. I did a 1/2 marathon right before I got pregnant, had stopped eating sugar (except fruit) and flour earlier in 2011 and taught Spinning until week 34. It was so awesome to be strong and fit coming into this. But at that 34 week mark my doctors then asked me to quit and slow everything down and I know this is based on what they saw with me, not broad advice that applies universally. I'm 43 and get 2 check ups/week and they'd like to see higher fluid levels around my baby and get max blood flow to her -- so my normal high speed pace isn't optimal for her anymore. For you and your baby, your normal high level of activity may be great! Good doctors advise on what they see specific to your pregnancy. Good luck!
  • I'm here! 35 weeks today (Friday August 10, 2012). I had my latest OB checkup yesterday. Baby's heart rate is excellent and the head is down. My blood pressure, belly measurement, and weight gain (30 lbs!) are all good too. Fetal movement is excellent as well (never ceases to amaze me). I'd say I can't wait to meet my baby, but I hope she takes her time getting here. I don't want her to arrive too early!
  • 35 weeks today!! Sept 3rd.... I'm excited, but I don't completely feel ready for the responsibility ... Im so over pregnancy though since I've been very sick the entire time.oo well it will be so worth it


  • 35/35!!
    Favorite pasttime: Hanging with the boo and the Roo...

  • 35 weeks today :) So glad! That much closer to holding my little boy in my arms! Such excitement!
  • 35 weeks on Monday!  Spent yesterday in the OB ER to r/o PIH, pre-eclampsia.  Everything looked great.  Now just trying to relax. 

    Good luck to everyone.

  • 35 weeks 1 day (ticker is off) and went to the doctor's today to find baby is now in head down position! That made my day. So excited to meet her, but have enjoyed pregnancy so far and will miss the baby kicks, even though they're getting stronger.

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  • 35 weeks here! 34 days to go!!!
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