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Week 29 check-in! Who's here?

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  • hey im here! and im so excited
  • Me to! not much longer now!
  • Im here too!! Cant wait to meet my little peanut!
  • Hey all!  Week 29, not much activity from the moms this week.  I feel like time is standing still and I wish it would seem like it was moving along a bit faster.  Im really starting to feel like a big lady now.  Seems like my belly grew in the last week - it's really sticking out now.  Another appointment next week, now that they are every two weeks.  So I hope that will help make time go by a bit faster too.  Lets go - 75 more days for me.
  • 77 more days for me!! I'm so excited to see our little daughter!! I can't wait!! The kicking is getting stronger everyday! I'm thinking about putting her on an infant soccer team!!! LOL
  • Crying over emotional here and so excited! hopefully getting maternity pics done this weekend, baby shower coming up in a couple weeks- it's all starting to go so fast now!
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  • 29 weeks today! So feeling huge and uncomfortable. ( dont look huge just getting tight)   But, I am exctied for my little cowgirl to get here! :D  July 5 baby!
  • 29 weeks for me..its going great so far and cant wait to meet my baby girl!!! i just love feeling her move and kick...She is amazing!
  • Hormones are pretty crazy rightnow! Just like my bladder! Stick out tongue But I'm so excited and nervous at the same time! My little man is so active but I LOVE to feel him move! Daddy gets a kick out of his jabs too! Big Smile Hope everyone else is feeling as good as they can! God Bless! Smile
  • I'm here but will be leaving in a day. :)
  • Hey im here! and im so excited He is moving so much!
  • week 29! 74 days to go :]
  • Not much longer to go!  Excited and nervous all at the same time!!!  :-)

  • DYING to meet baby! Do we still have 10 weeks to go......wait don't answer that!

  • I am! Getting so anxious but extremely happy!!!! woohoo!


  • 29 weeks & 3days today. Time is starting to move slowly. I wanna meet the little stinker so bad! wahh :'(
  • I am here!!! Super excited! 
  • 29 weeks OMG!!!! So excited and anxious.
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  • Hello everyone! So excited for the weeks to be moving right along! 29 weeks with my 5th baby and just as excited as my 1st:) Can not wait to meet my beautiful Faith and finally be done with the pregnancy! Good luck to all expectanat mothers and hope all goes well in the weeks to comeBig Smile
  • 29 weeks today! It's happening so fast!
  • Glad to be almost 30 weeks, and done. lol 


  • yahoo... I made it to 29 weeks.  Not too much longer now!  Feeling okay, but the lower back pain has begun.  On a brighter note, DH and I can't wait to start getting the nursery together over the next few weekends.  Smile

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  • I am super excited!! I can't to see my little guy :D!!
  • check one two
    Hey Squirrelfriends!
  • ...And here I am. Back pain started a couple of weeks ago along with the usual constant trips to the bathroom. Baby is mostly active at night, but she seems to have on and off days when it comes to moving around in there. This is my 1st pregnancy. Seems to be going fast and yet slow at the same time. Ready to meet her, but know I will be a little melancholy not feeling her kicks inside me. Personally that's the best symptom of pregnancy so far. :)
  • This is my first too:)

     I just went through a crazy few days of feeling terrible - turned out to be a kidney infection! I learnt my lesson - if you are feeling pain - there is something wrong.

    Childbirth classes are going great! Learning new things every day. Can't wait to meet my litttle one!!! 

  • I know my back is killing me. This is my first pregnancy too. I feel like time is going by fast and slow. Anxious to see my son. Starting to worry about my weight. I've only gained 8lbs thus far. I just hope my son is gaining adequate weight. They said once your seven months your weight gain increases.
  • Week 29 and 77 days to go for lovely wife . Seems like forever for her...the hormones are raging, uncomfortable, can't sleep well at night, peeing a  lot and of recent, back ache......she's getting really heavy...Anyone with exercise ideas for back aches...

    It's our first baby and is going to be a surprise. Very excited to be a dad and to meet our mini hopper..(nick name).

    Ladies,ure doing a great job and just hang in there for the finish line is close,

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  • Congratulations! We have made it to 29 weeks and only a couple of months until meet our little ones. This our first pregnancy and we are having twin girls so the doctors are saying they will likely be here around 35 weeks. We can't wait to meet them on one hand and on the other we are not ready for them yet. They are very much night owls and sleep all day and at their last app't on Tuesday they weighed 2lbs 6oz and 2lbs 9oz, so all is going well with them! Hope all is well with each of you!!
  • I'm here too! Excited and anxious as other people have said. Movement has decreased  :( .Have been getting baby stuff ready and have put a bag for me and a bag for baby in a corner and I'm throwing in things as I go. Counting down the days until we have baby in our arms :x

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