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Week 15 check-in! Who's here?

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  • Yay! Me too. How are you feelin!? 
  • Im here too! =) So close to the 4 month mark its so excited!
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  • Me too. I'll be 15 wks tomorrow! Hope everyone is feeling good!
  • I'm here! Feeling so good with my energy back.  First trimester can kiss my grits, because I don't miss it one bit.  My skin is back to normal now too. *sigh of relief*

  • meBig Smile 15 weeks and 1 day


  • I'm here and sick as a dog :(
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  • 15 weeks today!!!
  • I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow, and feeling great!  This is my first :)
    ~Hannah D.~
  • I'm in here! 15 weeks today! Smile Not really feeling pregnant though? I don't know, maybe it's because I'm not sick, not really showing, not really eating a lot, just not feeling pregnant but I am sure everything is A-OK with my little one, maybe he or she decided to take a day to rest in stead of doing loads of busy work today! Yes


  • Checking in! Feeling better than the first trimester for sure! How are you feeling?
  • Nervous wreck, waiting for my MaterniT 21 test results, belly popped and look totaly pregnant now. Hoping and praying everyhting is ok, and we actually get to meet this first baby of ours.
  • 15 weeks today! And boy am I feeling it!
  • Im here! I wasnt showing at all until yesterday! Tuesday I was wearing my regular pre pregnancy pants and Wednesday I woke up with a huge baby bump and couldnt fit into my pants! Luckily I ordered some maternity pants and had some in the closet! Anyone else at 15 weeks experencing this?
  • I'm here finally!!!!! I tottaly feeling pregnant now.. I feel like I am showing now but I've been bloated for a while but now I actually feel a baby I know congrats on your baby!! <3
  • I am 15 weeks today and I had the same thing happen to me last week.   I wasn't looking very pregnant then all the sudden I can't wear regular clothing.  Even the girls at work were commenting at how I blossomed over night!
  • im here!! how are you other moms to be!!? how are you feeling? 
  • Hi all!  15 weeks today and still feeling pretty crappy.  Anyone else?
  • 15 weeks here!  Other than not getting enough sleep last night (my own doing) feeling great!  :)
  • Excited to be 15 weeks!  This is our first and we couldn't be happier!  Already felt the flutters, hubby did as well.  Usually happens when I'm laying in bed ready to get to sleep.  Was a little nervous because the baby measured 15.2 cm, as of the last sono, which was nearly twice as big as average, but after some research, found out this can be normal due to different growth rates, etc.  Had our Ultrascreen and our Nuchal Translucency, everything came back looking great and our numbers were off the charts!  We were very nervous going in because hubby is 40 and I am 38, so we are in that higher risk category.  THANKFULLY I don't have to do the 3-hour glucose test, passed the one hour with flying colors!  Feeling great now that my energy has returned for the most part, I still get a bit weary occasionally but I'll take that over feeling totally exhausted all day!  Best wishes to all you other Mommy-to-be's!!!!  :-D
  • I am here and feeling really great!!  I feel back to myself with my normal amount of energy back which now my hubs is insisting he didnt miss as much as he thought he did!  HAHA!  He says now he realizes he should have taken advantage of the lazy me while he had me.  I assured him that it would probably return in about 15 more weeks! 

  • Still here! First appt and ultrasound tomorrow! I KNOW I will not sleep tonight! So excited! Still starving...maybe a little bit better. Sciatic has kicked in big time...ouch! I'm too active for pain! LOL Very hot though. It's 93 today and I am a major mountain girl. Love the cold! This summer will be interesting as all my other pregnancies were winter ones. I don't like dresses...but am thinking that is more favorable than ugly maternity pants (they're ugly around here because there aren't any stores...most I get are handmedowns from 10 years ago lol). Super super excited to still be here! I can't wait to see that all is well tomorrow! Maybe it'll calm my fears a little. Hope you all had a great Mothers Day yesterday!
  • I am 15 weeks today!!! 
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