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11 Weeks Pregnant

Am I the only one who feels GREAT?!

I feel a little guilty writing this post after seeing so many fellow Bumpies feeling sick and/or sore or just bad in general but...

I feel wonderful and LOVE being pregnant! I don't ever get sick and I think it's the coolest, most amazing, incredibly fleeting experience in the world. This may well be our last baby (this is my 2nd)  so I am relishing every moment! It is over way too quickly and I know that once I finish having children I will never again get to experience this miraculous event that is happening inside my very body.

Sorry,  I just felt I had to say that I love being pregnant and I feel like a million bucks :)

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Re: Am I the only one who feels GREAT?!

  • I also feel wonderful! Sore breasts have been my only "symptom!" My OB is letting me coming in for weekly heart checks to settle my mind...since I have no symptoms! :)
  • I'm feeling great as well! Sore breasts, no sickness at all..freaking out a little that I have pretty much no symptoms..I guess my mind will be put at ease in two weeks when i get to hear the heartbeat. Until then...It doesn't feel real
  • I feel the same way!!! I was freeking out last week because I had no symptoms at all except for sore breats which have gone away. I went to the doctors on Tuesday and everything was great! The baby had a strong heartbeat!!!! This is going to be my first child and I'm super excited!! Looking forward to being a great mommy :)
  • I feel fantastic too! Boobs went from a low D to a DD 2 days ago. I'm officially porn star size. No nausea and I LOVE being pregnant. It freaks me out just like it does all of you. It's really weird because I always expected to be sick the whole time like my mom. What a blessing on top of a BIG blessing! It makes me feel so much better to know there are others feeling like me. Thanks for posting!
  • Now, I don't feel 100 percent myself but at least I do not have any morning sickness or nausea.  So I am very thankful for that.
  • Hello :)

    well nice to know that there is someone else fells like me =D this is my first, and i dont fell anything, no morning sickness, nothing at all.. am great, but this is freak me out, i thougt that we should be sick !!!! and also i dont feel like am pregnant !! i duno if anyone feels like me.. i went to the doctor and every thing was fine, thanks god ..

  • This is my 2nd time around and I'm loving not being sick :D  Makes this experience so much more exciting, tho my bf is having all my morning sickness issues, which is kinda nice cuz now he knows what it feels like and is more understanding.  Honestly, I think it's a even trade-off for having to pushing out a watermelon lol.

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  • I thought I was the only one who pretty much wasn't feeling anything.  If it wasn't for the tender boobs and missed period, I would never know that I'm pregnant.  I'm still waiting to for the belly bump to start showing in order for it to feel "real".
  • I feel great too! Hungry and going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but no sickies!
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  • I also feel pretty awesome.  I haven't had any sickness -- my only real complaint is constipation (but I've been battling it with tons of fruit and veggies), tender breasts, and some fatigue.  I just had my first OB visit and we got to see the little one's heartbeat and when the nurse pushed on my belly he wiggled and did a little jig in there.  It was's our first and we got it right on the first try : )
  • I also feel pretty awesome.  I haven't had any sickness -- my only real complaint is constipation (but I've been battling it with tons of fruit and veggies), tender breasts, and some fatigue.  I just had my first OB visit and we got to see the little one's heartbeat and when the nurse pushed on my belly he wiggled and did a little jig in there.  It was's our first and we got it right on the first try : )
  • I am soooo jealous!! You are all definitely lucky, but reading this made me have a bit higher spirits (light at the end of the tunnel)! Don't get me wrong I am soooo happy to be pregnant (this is my first and I'm 11 weeks) however I am looking forward to not being so sick! I hope all of your pregnancies go that way! Morning sickness is the WORST!! 
  • I too have not had the unfortunate pleasure of morning sickness.  I have only been neausous a few times, even by breasts haven't really hurt or gotten noticably bigger.  Other than confirm from the OB and him being able to hear a vey faint heatbeat (i couldn't hear it at all), I don't feel in the least bit pregnant.  they only thing that has changed is I have gained weight from having to eat more than one meal a day.  I freaks me out.  I don't care how many other people feel the same as me, I won't be reassured until I see the ultrasound in a couple of days.  It is reassuring to know I am not the only one though.
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  • WHAT A RELIEF!!!! This is my first as well and it feels great to hear others being first time moms or experienced moms experiencing this same feeling. Reading too many baby books will worry you to it's great to know that it totally normal feeling this "normal" lol. I haven't had any symptoms to date other than sore boobs and that stopped about 2-3 weeks ago. I'm going to hear my baby's heartbeat again next week and can't WAIT to find out the sex.

     Thank you SO much ladies for sharing....this really puts my mind at ease!

  • I would just like to say Thank You for posting this! You are definitely not the only one!!!! I have been feeling excellent aside from a few days where I felt nauseous after dinner.  I thought something was wrong with the baby or that my pregnancy was not going like it should.... I was buying pregnancy tests up through week 8 just to "make sure" because I had no symptoms.  The worst of it was weeks 4 and 5 which made me think it was just really bad PMS, and by week 6 everything was great!  I would just love to read or see somewhere where it says "feeling great is perfectly normal and acceptable" this way I won't feel like there is a problem because I'm not hugging the toilet everyday! But to answer your question, no! You are not alone!  
  • I am going into my 11th week and I feel fine for the most part. No morning sickness, just sore boobs, and fatigue in the morning, frequent trips to the bathroom, crazy dreams and just FEELING like I'm due any minute lol. I had my first U/S at 8 weeks. This is my first was so amazing to actuallys see something in there and to hear the heartbeat (167/min). I feel like some of the other moms..I can't wait to start really showing..I think it'll really hit me that I'm pregnant. Its a wonderful experience and makes 'that time of the month' worthwhile. I thank God everyday for allowing me to experience this and thankful to be a woman. Good luck to you all!
  • Glad to see I am not the only one!!!  I feel great too!  I do get a bit of heartburn after dinner, and my boobs have been sore, but it could be a heck of a lot worse!!!!  Love the fact that I can see I am not nuts for feeling good!!!
  • It really is great to see so many women on here that feel amazing! I feel so normal that I was tempted to rent an ultra sound machine just so that I could check on the baby whenever I wanted to! Seriously... I'm no longer tired during the day, my breasts aren't sore anymore and I'm not even showing! And I'm at 12 weeks. I'd almost rather have something just so I feel different. I get to go back next week for the next ultra sound so fingers crossed :) Thanks and  good luck to all of you!!!
  • Hi everybody!  I feel great too - I'm a teacher and there are 5 of us at school that are pregnant now...  I think I'm the only one who doesn't feel sick all time, so i feel incredibly lucky!  The only symptoms are that I'm hungry ALL the time, am missing taking a good poop and could sleep 20 hours a day.    
  • I too thought I was one of the only ones feeling great. I haven't felt any morning sickness. i don't even really feel pregnant with the exception of some tenderness. I am very excited because this is our first child! Time seemed to go very slow at first, but im already 10 weeks now!
  • week 12 starts tomorrow. I've only had 3 or 4 really bad sick days. Other than that I have felt wonderful! My boyfriend thinks I am as sexy as I have ever been and other than the fatigue, weight gain, constant need to pee...I don't even feel preggers. Hopefully next week we get to see the baby in an ultra sound picture! YAY
  • Good for you!! You have every right to celebrate your happy pregnancy!1
  • Good for you!! You have every right to celebrate your happy pregnancy! You go Mama...
  • I completely agree! I have been very lucky and have felt wonderful. Other than the occasional nausea and/or headache things have been great. I feel blesses especially because my sister was miserable with both her pregnancies and my friend that just had her frist was as well. Hopefully it continues. We go in next week to hear the heart beat for the first time and can't wait!!!! Smile
  • I feel great  too other than feeling tired . As for loving being pregnant, ill think the loving feeling will kick in once I start showing and know the sex to start planning things concrete.

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  • I've been tired and am ALWAYS hungry.  But I haven't had any morning sickness, so I consider myself very lucky.  However, it does worry me sometimes since that seems to be a symptom that many pregnant women get!
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  • DJ1845DJ1845
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    I don't have any major symptoms either. Boobs are sore from time to time and have grown, the common digestive issues, and a few weeks ago I was starving all of the time- but that's subsided. We're really fortunate, ladies.
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  • So glad there is a club I fit into lol!  I'm 11 weeks and aside from the sore boobs, slight fatigue, and a little extra around my middle from eating more I don't feel any makes me nervous just like everyone else.  While I'll feel even better after our next U/S in a couple weeks, it's good to hear there are others out there with my same worries.  Thanks for posting!
  • I've also felt really good most of this pregnancy too. I haven't been sick more than two hours the whole 11 weeks and the biggest thing is that I have been pretty tired and can't stand uncooked food so I've been eating out a BIT too much but yeah I'm happy as heck all things considered!
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  • This is my 2nd pregnancy and once again I don't have ANY symptoms at all :( I wish my bump was a little bit bigger to remind me that I am pregnant, but that will come with time! Funny thing is my BF is getting most of the symptoms...swollen ankles, sore breasts, and nausea! He keeps asking how I'm feeling but I'm actually feeling guilty for his condition when I feel great!!
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  • No morning sickness for me either! First baby... but my mom and sister didn't have any morning sickness either, so we're just lucky I guess! Only 11 weeks and I've already "popped" - I look about 4 months pregnant! My mom said she was the same way, we're very short and petite so we're "all belly." A little tired and sore boobs but that's it!

    It's exciting to be able to see it now, but not so great that I just look "fat" to those who don't know :) My 8 year old nephew has also signed on to baby sit!!!!

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  • I LOVE that you ladies have been feeling great! The nausea got me from about week 6-9. But I'm at 11 weeks now and starting to feel more and more like myself every day. I'm about 85% back to normal so I think things will really begin to improve. Still pretty fatigued but no more "sickness", per se'. You ladies are soooooooooooo BLESSED to not have had many symptoms. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. Lol. :) Here's to happy & healthy pregnancies/deliveries for us all. Cheers!
  • I felt awful for the first few weeks, but since about 9 weeks I have felt awesome (with the exception of being tired but I'm a teacher so it comes with the territory). I have an appointment on Wednesday and I'm honestly a little nervous because all my symptoms cleared up within a few days and I feel great.
  • Im feeling wonderful too! Not one bit of morning sickness... a little mody here and there but over all great
  • I feel like absolute crap but I'm glad someone feels good!
  • This is my first baby and I had felt pretty bad because f nausea and tiredness...up until about five days ago. Now I have a lot more energy and virtually no nausea. I'm getting hungry a lot more but the insatiable thirst had started going away. I'm still tired but it isn't as debilitating as it was before. I'm hoping this is ok and normal. I ultrasounded myself two days ago, I have access to it at work, and baby was going crazy in there. Anyone else had a decrease in symptoms before the end of their first trimester? I'm eleven weeks today.
  • I'm with you! a part of me feels like it still isn't real because I haven't had crazy symptoms!! I've just been tired a few weeks ago, but since then I've been feeling better! just craving candy, cheese and chocolate milk :)
  • I would say with the exception of the first few weeks I've felt pretty normal...energized in fact! It's pretty great...Should hear the heartbeat tomorrow, but saw it on my 7 week feelin good
  • Same here!! Pregnancy has been a breeze so far  (11 weeks) and I have had virtually no nausea at all! I feel very lucky and am thoroughly enjoying this little miracle Smile
  • I've pretty much only been so tired between work, school and being pregnant.  I don't have any where near the amount of morning sickness just an occasional bout of nausea as I've actually only vomited twice so far.  I'm considering this pregnancy so much easier than the first.  I still worry too that everything is OK.  I had an u/s at 8 weeks and don't go back until Nov. 1 so I feel like I am constantly worrying if everything is OK but it was all good when we had the last visit.
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