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IV Iron infusion?

Hi ladies, havent posted much lately but @ 6weeks my Dr put me on 325mg iron therapy, and after todays visit they called and said my blood cell count has dropped significantly even though i take the iron pills daily.  i have to come back for IV iron infusion. has anyone had to do this?   if so, tell me more =) Thanks!
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Re: IV Iron infusion?

  • I've had one before, not while pregnant, but it's not bad. Just an IV. It took less than an hour and all done.

    I didn't have any noticeable side effects either.

    Good luck!
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  • I had a series of IV Iron infusions a year ago now. At the time I was a bit freaked out but it ended up being not bad at all. I went weekly for about 2 1/2 hours. The first 2 times I was given benedryl before in case of a reaction, so I was drowsy but other than that fine.

    After 2 infusions I noticed a difference in my energy level which was really nice! I am monitored every 3 months now because I will have to have more eventually, even taking the 325mg daily I just don't absorb it. 

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  • I did when I was pregnant with my 7/11 baby & had several after too (still supposed to but gave up).

    Its not worse than a regular iv. From my experience there were 2 ways to do it. 1 was to have the iron in an iv bag & it drips in that way normally. My only complaint is that it gives you a horrible taste in your mouth so bring a mint or gum or something. 2 was a standard saline bag & they put the iron stuff in through the iv port instead & then finished off the saline bag. I much preferred that way, never had the nasty taste with that. Depending who did it it was an hour to an hour & a half. Bring a book or something, depending on your area they might have you alone or like I was with a bunch of people getting treatments for cancer.

    I did start feeling better a few months later, but I still havent regained my correct iron levels at 7 months pp. Im supposed to keep it up but with 3 kids I honestly dont have the sitter or time to sit there for an hour & get them.

    Keep taking your pills, drink orange juice when you take your pills it helps your body process it better. & dont stop taking them after baby either, keep them up as long as you can stand it does make a difference.

    Is this straight from your OB or have you seen a specialist? Its worth seeing a specialist if you can, he really made me feel a whole lot better about it & he was the one in charge of my care for it not my OB.

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  • Thanks ladies! i will ask about the saline bag after or bring gum with me.  it is my OB who ordered it, and will hear from them this morning.  
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  • I get them regulary about every 6-8 weeks. They are the best things every if you don't absorb iron by  pill. I have always been anemic and had gasytric bypass 6.5 years ago which made it worse.

     I actually am going Thurs for my next round. I have done it several ways. A series of 8 week 2 hr sessions or 1 6-8 hr session. I am now doing the 1 session. I like it better since i can get it over with. I always get benedryl with it just to make sure you don't react. Just because you don't have a reaction one time, doesn't mean it won't happen the next.

    Being pregnant the baby sucks the iron from you so its important to stay on top of it. My last pregnancy in 2010 my ob was an idiot and didn't listen to me about getting iron by iv. My iron was a 6 when I went in for my c-section and he didn't want to do it. So this time, I am seeing my hematologist the entire time and getting iron as I need it. My level is down to a 10 from a 13 and dropping fast so that is why im getting an infusion on Thurs.

     Its easy and best for you in the long run. Low iron can cause all kinds of issues. Enjoy the down time during the infusion and I always get a great nap from the benedryl.

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