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Question about moving/renting

DH and I are just starting to educate ourselves about adoption and learn about the steps. We'd like to start gathering info from some agencies soon. We are currently living in a 2-bedroom apartment (approximately 1100 square feet), and the 2nd bedroom would be a child's room (currently an office). When our lease is up in November, we'd like to move to a rental SFH or townhome.

I was wondering whether agencies look negatively on couples who rent? Also, whether we would have to wait to get our home study done until after we move.



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Re: Question about moving/renting

  • I can't speak for the agencies looking down on renters. Most of the time they are looking for emtionally and financially stable.  If you start a homestudy and then move, they usually update your home study at the new location.  The "house" part of the home study is mainly to look for adequate space and safety.
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  • In general, agencies don't care if you rent or own, as long as you can afford your housing and have enough to comfortably raise your children.  But, as pp said, you'll have to redo/update your homestudy if you move.  And, depending on the type of adoption (foster care, for one example), you may also have to work with entirely different people if you move out of the jurisdiction/service area of the office with which you began.

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  • Thanks - we intend to stay in the same geographic area (hopefully the same neighborhood), so that wouldn't be a concern. But that makes sense that we'd have to update the home study later on.

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  • When we started our journey with foster care we were renting a home on a military installation and there weren't any issues. We just needed to have enough space for us and the child(ren) we would take in and have enough money to take of us and the child without having to worry about government funds to take care of us. We just moved into a new home last week so we will need to get another home.
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