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Thumbs & Nips

Anyone's DC switch from thumb to nipple in the middle of nursing?

She LOVES her thumb and is completely distracted by it while nursing! It's just annoying, not really a problem. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this!?

Re: Thumbs & Nips

  • Replace "thumb" with "entire fist" and bingo! right there with ya!
  • please forgive me if this is totally inappropriate...but all i can imagine is nipples shaped like fists!!

    so so sorry...

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  • Avery will suck on anything when she's hungry...  IF she loses her latch, she will often suck on a fist or her forearm (she's even given herself a hickey).  SHe's also sucked on my breast, sans nipple.  And when she's hungry, and you're holding her, she might also latch onto the side of your face... LOVELY...


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