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Quick AW: 1st appt

We've never had a great first appointment so this feels really strange because it was pretty much perfect!

Dr. didn't waste any time and went straight for the ultrasound after saying "are you guys as nervous as I am?" Love her. Saw a perfect little 7 week, 3-4 day baby with little arms starting to bud and a lovely little 150bpm flicker.  Everything looked great and I went for a CBC to check platelets, etc. EDD is still 10/14-15ish.

My doc is supposed to be out for spring break, but she's going to try to come in for a few hours on the 14th so she can be there for my next ultrasound. If she can't be there, I'll still have one, but she wants to be there. And she said I'm welcome to come in anytime for a quick u/s after that, so I may take her up on that, at least through the 1st tri.

It feels so good to have cleared another hurdle with flying colors. I may actually be starting to believe this will be our take-home baby. Doesn't feel real yet, but I'm getting there. :) 

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