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Raleigh area?

There is a strong possibility that my husband is going to be transferred to Raleigh for his job.  We have a 3 yo and a 1 yo, so I was wondering if people could suggest good areas for families with young kids.  We'll be moving from Ohio where we've lived for all our lives (and where most of our family is), so we definitely want to be in an area where we can meet new people.  Thanks for any help you can give!

Re: Raleigh area?

  • Do you know what part of Raleigh you might be in?

  • Not exactly sure yet...
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  • Are you interested more in country or city living, or does it matter? Also, what kind of a commute would you be okay with?

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    Depending on what area you needed to be in, Clayton is a nice area for children :) 
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    We live in Durham and love it, but it isn't for everyone. When the baby comes, we hope to stay here, but will probably move to a different house.

    We both grew up in the Apex/Cary area though, which is a great place for families. For the most part, the schools are great, there are lots of parks, and lots of activities for children.

  • North Raleigh or Wake Forest are great areas for kids as well as Cary and Apex IMO.  I have lived in both general areas and we now live in the Brier Creek area and love it.  Will he be working in RTP?  Anywhere in Raleigh you'll be fine since most things are 15 minutes away (or at least it seems).  I highly recommend joining trianglemommies.com if you do move to the area because it is a very valuable resource.  It will also help you meet other mommy friends and their calendar is packed with playdates in every area and for each age group.


    Good luck!  Raleigh is a great place to live. :) 

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  • We are also relocating to Raleigh, from metro-Atlanta. My husband got a better position with his current employer - he will be doing outside sales - and he has been living literally out of his suitcase for over 3 weeks now! It's hard living apart.

    We have heard great things about Cary and Apex, but since my husband's territory is northeastern NC, we need to be either in northeast Raleigh or Wake Forest. We LOVE the North Hills area...don't know that we'll luck into a house the size and price we need in that neighborhood! We're trying to rent and haven't had much luck yet. We own our house in Marietta GA and it's 3 bedrooms/1bath, we are trying to rent it out, we're too under water to sell. We definitely have to have at least 3 bedrooms/2 baths, and a decent kitchen!  I was surprised to find that Raleigh is as expensive, or more expensive, than where we live currently.

    Thanks on all the tips from previous posters! I will definitely check out trianglemommies.com :o)

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  • Definitely check out the Wake Forest area...lots of decently affordable big homes there.  Check out zillow.com to browse the market...love that site! :)

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  • I love the N. Raleigh/Wakefield/Wake Forest area. We just bought a townhouse in Wake Forest last year. 3br/1.5 ba for under $130K. We love it. It's just big enough for the 3 of us + 2 dogs, and we still have room to add the baby Smile They're still building new construction in our neighborhood and have dropped the prices to the $100K range. There's other new construction townhomes in the same price range a little deeper off the "main road" in a more secluded setting as well.

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  • Wake Forest is great, very family-friendly, with excellent schools. 

    Good luck to you! 

  • We've lived all over the Raleigh area in the last 7 years, but my favorite is Apex for families. Great parks, great schools, it's very safe and a better value house-wise for your money than Cary (although not as great as more rural areas such as Clayton, Holly Springs or Fuquay). Best of luck with your move, that is never easy!
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