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Seven month old BF baby losing weight?

I weighed DD 3 weeks ago, she was 16lbs exactly. Yesterday I took her in for her flu shot, and on the exact same scale she was 15lbs 11oz. I'm really hoping it was a fluke or something was wonky with the scale the first time, but who knows. Does anyone have experience with thier BF baby LOSING weight at this age? I know when they become more active their weight gain can slow a lot, but I would have expected her weight to maybe not have increased, not a loss over a 3 week period....She gets solids twice a day of a fruit/veggie and a little bit of cereal. I don't feel like it's a supply issue cause she's content, lots of wet diapers still etc. She still nurses 6-7 times throughout the day and 2-3 times at night as well. We're heading to the doc tomorrow.  So worried, and hopefully for no reason at all.
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