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Might be joining you..

Just an intro, as it looks like I'll be joining you. Hopefully I get good news Friday and not a 33 weeker but we shall see!

 Sunday I woke up feeling just "off". Late in the day, had a huge gush of blood for no apparent reason. I was 32 weeks so my midwives sent me to L&D. Blood pressure was fine. I was dilated to 1 cm. I was having contractions but not regularly enough to cause an all out labor scare. Ultrasound showed nothing conclusive, but he was measuring more like a 30 weeker at only 3 pounds. After two days in the hospital the bleeding had stopped. I had two steroid shots for his lungs and had to sign c-section consent papers in case anything happened. The second day in the hospital we were ignored for the most part. After being put off all day I finally decided to leave at 7pm. The doctors (since my midwives abandoned me after the complications) reached an agreement with me that if I will go to the doctor every Tuesday for a NST and every Friday for an ultrasound I can go home. My Tuesday NST was fine, but if he hasn't grown at the ultrasound Friday it'll be assumed that the bleeding was in fact my placenta and he will be delivered. 

I would love to hear from anyone that's had this sort of thing happen, and what the end result was! 


Re: Might be joining you..

  • Just had my two on Friday. My girl was IUGR (3lbs 4oz), and boy was small but in the 12th percentile (4lb7oz), 34w2d. I was given one shot that day even though they normally only give up to 34w they did because my girl was small (that morning both were estimated "lower" though she by 3oz, him by 7oz so we were pleasantly surprised). All things were good on my biophysicals for them that morning but  I was admitted to the hospital for the shots (I have GD) and also a 24 hour urine catch because I was starting to get pre-clampsia. They did a doppler at 10:30 at night and my son was having dsels. He had apparently twisted the cord around his stomach. I went right to emergency c-section and within the hour gave birth to both. He had a little trouble at first but they are both breathing room air and only wore the CPAP for 3 days. Both are doing very well! She is eating like a piglet because he was a "food stealer" Hope everything goes well for you! I know the feeling of knowing "something is wrong" I had it in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and it was very persistant!!
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  • I had an IUGR baby, who turned out a little bigger than was estimated.  I don't have any experience with your other issue, sorry.  Usually growth scans can only accurately be done every 2-3 weeks.  I hope you get good news and can hold off on delivery for a few more weeks.  Take care.
  • I had my first DD at 33w 4d almost two and half years ago. Glad to hear that you were able to get the steroid shots. My DD came early due to pre-e, but #2 I'm issues as well, first they thought it was my high blood pressure, but that seem to have calm down, but now it's that I've been contracting and I'm 1 cm dilated. I've been placed on bed rest at home, hoping to make it to 35 weeks. Praying that you can keep your LO inside. Definitely keep us posted.



  • Update! I'm up to 34 weeks! Still on bedrest. Ultrasound last Friday showed growth so they left him alone but he was still small. Ultrasound yesterday he was measuring close to correct. His head was right on track, body is about 2 weeks smaller. But now I get a new problem..my fluid is low! Does it ever end? Still on preemie watch, but getting close to FT!
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