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Have you been to an RE?

I recently got a referral from my OBGYN and was just curious what others experiences were like. Our appointment is next week. Im not sure what to expect. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Re: Have you been to an RE?

  • My first appointment was mostly going over my loss history, other medical history... what he thinks might be the cause based on what we told him...  he wouldnt make any diagnosis until after he ran the Recurrent Loss Panel on me... and took some blood from Shaun...

    Are you going because you cant get pregnant or because of recurrent loss?  that would probably also make a difference on what they decide to do as far as treatment.

  • I went to a MFM, but I hear it is similar to an RE.  Basically, he did a thorough history and took TONS of blood from both myself and DH.  He ran every test he thought may contribute to our losses and he scheduled us to come back in 3 weeks to talk about results and a plan. (all came back normal).   Basically, he told me to come back in when I get a BFP and he will test everything to make sure all is going well or if I need progesterone, more folic acid, etc. Hope that helps! 
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  • My OB has run all the tests in advance (normal on all fronts). Same with my DH all of our tests are normal. My OB is calling the appt for "recurrent pregnancy loss." I guess being pregnant 4 times in 5 years isn't what has my OB worried. She is more interested in the loss part. Although I dont look at it like this, I see it as 3 miscarriages in 5 years and we are still trying and not pregnant yet. Im not sure.
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  • I went for recurrent loss and the first appointment was pretty much all history.  I brought copies of my records from my OBGYN and we reviewed those, family history, and had along q and a session.  That same day they took loads of blood for tests and that was about it.  They couldn't find anything wrong with me so I'm not still there as everything that they could do given my circumstances my regular doc can do as well but i'm glad I went. 

    i would suggest going in with as many questions as you can though - my visit was super informative and i really felt that they took a lot of time with me.

     best of luck and fingers are crossed for a great first appointment for you. 

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  • I've only had one loss but I have seen an RE due to too long trying with nothing happening. The first visit will likely be b/w and a lot of talking, I mean A LOT. I suggest you take something to write on. He/she will throw dates at you, possibilities for next steps, etc. based on what they see from your b/w and other info and it is hard to remeber everything. Take your charts if you have them.

    Another word of advice, don't wear any perfume or fragrance - they sometimes prepare semen and IVF treatments in office and I have seen this request before. Better not to get called out if they haven't told you. 

    Lastly, if you don't like him/her right off the bat, look again. This is a very serious thing and you must have a good relationship!

    I should have gone sooner, that is my only regret! GL to you!!

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  • I've been with an RE for a year.  My first appointment was basically just going over my medical history and discussing what kind of further testing was needed/which direction we would head with treatment.  It lasted almost an hour with me asking a TON of questions.  I hope your appointment goes well!
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  • I was referred for recurrent losses (3 m/c within the last year). Before I went in my regular OB ordered a RLP and a HSG so when I went to the RE we reviewed the blood work and test results. We also talked in detail about each of my losses and medical history in general. He also did an internal u/s.  Based on all of that info he put together a plan for me of baby aspirin every other day and additional folic acid. He also ordered a OHS which I am having tomorrow.

    It's a lot in take in so agree with the person above who suggested bringing a pen and paper, along with a list of questions.


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