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when LO sleeps longer at night

I was curious. DS is 4 months and is sleeping longer stretches (thank God!) but when i wake up im pretty engorged :( Should i pump in the morning after he eats? He usually only eats off one side because he gets his whole meal from just one breast. Ive been pumping the other side, about 4 oz, just to keep up my supply. But im guessing i will probably have to continue to pump every morning, which im not sure i will want to do?? How long does it take your body to adjust and not make so much milk at night? This wont take away from my day supply will it if i stop pumping in the am? 

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Re: when LO sleeps longer at night

  • When you pump in the morning like that, you're telling your body to keep producing that milk, which is why you haven't adjusted. It took my body a few days to adjust to that schedule (maybe 3) so I wasn't uncomfortable in the mornings.  If you're hurting, pump just enough to relieve the engorgement and you're not so sore.

    If you want to build up a freezer stash, that's a great great way to do it, just so you have an extra couple oz a day.

    But no, it won't mess up your daytime supply if you stop pumping that extra.


    As a side note though, this sleeping pattern might not continue for a super long time, so if you do want to build up a freezer stash, now might be a good time to do so, when you have extra.


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