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Constipation after a month?

I had LO a month ago, and was able to successfully have BMs afterwards and even when I got home.  I took stool softeners for a while but then stopped and was doing fine without them.  Now a month later, I did not have a BM for probably 5 days (lost count of when last was) even after taking stool softeners, adding fiber, drinking lots of water, etc.  I had one yesterday (extremely painful and very little) but that is it for a week.  Anyone else have late BM problems?  Is a laxative in order?  I'm not feeling any discomfort like I normally would with constipation, but I don't think this is normal....
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Re: Constipation after a month?

  • I would take a laxative and then keep up with the stool, softeners.  Also call your OB and get their advice.  I hate being constipated and will do whatever I can.  This is also just a guess, as I don't have a medical degree, but if you are nursing, all your extra fluid is not going to your bowel, maybe it is all just catching up with you.
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  • I'm still struggling with constipation and I'm going on 6 months pp. I'm seeing my Dr. this Friday so hopefully he'll be able to help. It's so frustrating, I'll be fine for weeks and then all of the sudden...nothing (sorry, TMI)
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  • I have no advice but I'd be happy to commisserate. DD will be 4 months this Saturday and things still haven't gone back to anything resembling normal. Nothing, nothing, nothing, clog the toilet, nothing, nothing, nothing....
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