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I believe my boys have developed reflux. They started spitting up after every feeding and have become irritable and crying and sometimes refusing their feeding or crying during it. I am going to see their pedi soon. I am wondering what treatment you do for reflux, is their treatment?
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Re: Reflux

  • We started Zantac for refulx almost 2 weeks ago and it seems to be hit or miss on if it is working so I am going to ask to have it changed to Prevacid on Friday (I have to wait 2 weeks before making the change).  Besides the meds, we keep B sitting upright for 30 minutes after eating and he sleeps in the RNP to keep him elevated.  We also had to change formula due to GI issues so we may end up having to put in some cereal to thicken the formula some to keep it down.
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  • We use Zantac also. DD has been on it for about a week, seems to help but she still spits up (not as much) and is very gassy!
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  • We switched to Enfamil AR which has a little rice cereal in it and it's helped a lot with the reflux; however now we're dealing with some constipation issues.
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  • DS went on Zantac 2 weeks ago. Doesn't reduce the spit up, just the pain associated w/ it. Pedi recommended gripe water for the gas. I keep him upright after feedings and he no longer put him in the crib - even elevated its too flat. He does all his sleeping in a baby bouncy seat or the bjorn carrier, or my lap. Good luck. Its no fun!
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  • Hi LisaC! Nice to see you on this board!

    DS was diagnosed with reflux largely due to his breathing - he would sputter and wheeze when laid flat after feedings. He would sometimes arch his back and cry during feedings, but has never been much of a spitter. Because he hasn't been refusing food and has been gaining weight OK, we are treating it conservatively. We keep him upright after feedings, burp frequently (every ounce or two), and he sleeps in his swing to be kept on an incline. If he seems really uncomfortable after a feeding, I put him on my chest and lean back a bit so it is like inclined tummy time, and that seems to help the discomfort.

    Hope your LO's feel better! Good luck!

  • our boys are on prevacid also and we usually just have them sleep upright in their bouncy chairs for now.  we tried thickening with rice but it caused other belly problems so i stopped.  another md did mention thickening with barley is easier on their stomachs but i haven't asked our md yet.
  • My DD is on  prevacid also. It seems to be helping.
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