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FireChiefsBride Mainer-in-Texas NoeliaV shanwalk2 Congrats to Risa4-11-09!  Continued T&P for MnMShaw and all others coping with a loss. QOTW- Okay, something lighthearted- how will you tell DH when you get a + test? Will he test with you? Will you surprise him somehow?  Any and all updates are welcome!  Good Luck to all!

Re: *~*TTC Check In!*~*

  • Finally putting in an update....  IUI #1 is on board!  Went in on Sunday.  Unfortunately, DH's numbers were low, but I had a lot of follies waiting, so we'll see what happens!  I teeter between optimism and apathy.  It's been a long time.

    When I get a +, I will run back into the bedroom and jump on the bed!  There's no waiting around to tell him the news.  Big Smile

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  • You can move me to "Trying." I'm on CD1 and we're going to turn our TTA timing upside down this cycle ;-)

    If/when I get a positive, DH will be right by my side as the pee stick processes.
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  • QOTW- I did something cute with DS, but I don't think I will if I get to tell him again.  I think we're both so gunshy, it's going to be hard to be super excited at first.

    UPDATE- I have absolutely no hope for this cycle.  My BFF came into town on Friday for a cake contest and I didn't really think about it much and was pretty drunk every single night she was here.  We had okay timing and my CF was okay, but we only did it twice (and HELLO, my BFF was down the hall), no preseed, I quit taking all the supplements, I didn't drink much water, I barely even remembered to use an OPK all weekend.  So yeah, I'm sure this month was a waste. I'm pretty positive it's not going to work anyway without something major happening first, and we'll find out what that is at my appt with DrS next month.  Until then, I don't think there's any way I'm going to get pg on my own.  

  • CD 1 started for me last weekend. I was sad, but was expecting it a little. March is a Hold month for a few different reasons. QOTW: DH was with me in the restroom when I tested this last cycle. I would love to do something cute and surprise him... But he wants the experience of knowing "first" along with me.
  • QOTW: DH has always insisted on being home when I test, so I've never had to think about how I'll tell him. Lately though, I've told him I want to stop making such a big deal out of testing since it's just so depressing, so perhaps I will have to think about it. But, like Bride said, it'll be hard to get excited so I probably won't make a big deal out of it. No updates here, I got my surge yesterday and we're just doing what we do. I figure we'll have to revisit our treatment options in May when I'm due for an annual.
  • QOTW: Last time I took the test and immediately told him, so that's what I'll probably do again.

    Update: Still waiting to get my TSH re-checked, which I'm supposed to do tomorrow or Friday.  

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  • QOTW: I didn't do anything special for DH with our first. I was too excited and just ran in like a crazy person waving the test in his face. I imagine it will be the same way for #2. UPDATES: I am towards the end of the 2WW right now. I took a test yesterday and got a BFN; still early though. Definitely having symptoms of off and on nausea since yesterday and breast tenderness throughout today. Will test again Friday and if BFN, will wait till Sunday when AF supposedly due.
  • Will you ladies let me come back? 

    I don't have much of an update, just want to belong somewhere again.  Still waiting for the bleeding to stop from the miscarriage but my numbers are way down.  I go back on 3/12 to discuss the future of clomid/metformin.  I am just ready for all of this to be over so we can start over and try again.  This has been miserable and I just want my take home baby.

    QOTW: I won't do anything.  I don't think I will get to be excited next time so I will just tell DH so we can cautiously go to the doctor and wait out the first 12 weeks.  

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  • Cd1 for me today. Looks like I had a chemical this month. Bah.
  • imageOrangeFelt:
    Cd1 for me today. Looks like I had a chemical this month. Bah.

    Sad I'm sorry Sad  

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