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Stokke Tripp Trapp vs. Keekaroo Height Right

Does anyone have either of these high chairs or opinions? I just discovered the Keekaroo and it appeals to me because it comes with a tray. Our table seats six, which is how many people will be in our family once the twins arrive, so if we had guests then the babies wouldn't have any table space to eat without a tray on their chairs. The Keekaroo is also cheaper, but I am not really familiar with it and have always heard rave reviews of the Stokke. 




Re: Stokke Tripp Trapp vs. Keekaroo Height Right

  • Wie have the stokke (actually 3 of them!), and we love them. I find it's nicer to have the children at the same table position, makes them feel like they are truly apart of something and (supposedly) helps them Lear table manners a bit quicker- so says my child psych friend!  Yes it's messy...but so is the tray you have to clean. Some babies will eat off a placemat, which then makes it a bit easier to clean, mine however have scoffed off that idea!

    Hope that helps!  Happy buying! 

  • I have the Stokke and we are just now starting to use so not much experience with them yet, but got them as many of my MoM friends have them and rave about them. I love the design and that they will grow with them over the years.
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  • i'm not familiar with the other (i know the stokke but don't have one)... but can say it was helpful for us to have regular high chairs that had trays when we had family over - b/c otherwise there would not be room for everyon at the table.


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