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Bed sharing question mobile baby?

What do have you done differently about bed sharing as your baby has gotten more mobile? Everything was going swimmingly, but now that R. Is crawling and climbing I've been very hesitant to leave him in his sidecar crib. I almost wish it has a door that we could open and shut. I'm not so worried when we are in bed, but he goes to bed a couple hours before we do and I'm listening for noise from his room since he doesn't always cry when he wakes up.
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Re: Bed sharing question mobile baby?

  • We ended up having to put the mattress directly on the floor, there was no safe alternative.  That's around the same time that we started transitioning DD into her crib, too, but I know a lot of people hold off on that.
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  • We moved V to a floor bed in his room for naps and starting the night. We also taught him how to "repel" down the bedding to get out the bed, but he didn't fully catch on until 11-12 months,
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  • We bedshare and put our mattress directly on the floor. We also bought body pillows and put those on either side of the bed (where she was more likely to roll off). We're putting our house up for sale soon and need to get our mattress off the floor so we'll see how we transition back to a more normal height bed.
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