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Two totally random, unrelated things:

#1- I saw you posted below about the Groupon deal @ Americana Waterpark. FYI, I was just on expedia and travelocity looking at reviews and it looks like you can get pretty similar deals (like &149 for the same room, but w/out the extra vouchers) So if you guys decide to go in the fall or something, you could still get a good deal. The reviews were pretty good... except for the restaurant (poor quality and expensive)

#2- I think it was you who has mentioned you cook up a bunch of ground beef and season it, then freeze it, right? I just bought a club pack at Wegmans and realized I'm out of freezer bags.... so I was going to cook it all and then freeze a bunch in 2 gladware containers to use for tacos next time. Does it turn out okay after being frozen? 

Re: ***JNK***

  • Thanks for the info! I think the fall would be the earliest we would consider going so that is good to know. Especially bc by that time I hopefully am not up at night killing time browsing random cities groupon deals haha.

     Ya, the meat tastes as good as freshly cooked, I can't tell a difference. I freeze it in ziploc bags for freezer space and squeeze out all the extra air. You can kind of roll it and push down and it is like as if you vacuum sealed it. I don't even season it bc I use it for different things - tacos, shep pie, hamburger helper. But you definitely could season it if there is a seasoning you use a lot. 

  • We actually bought a club pack at wegmans yesterday and I have to do it tonight once the kids are in bed tonight!
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