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Ok don't flame me for this because i'm usually pretty good with researching things - but i always thought that the day or two that you ovulate are usually the only times you can get pg. but now i'm doing some reading that shows BD'ing a day or two prior to ovulation can actually be good also? i guess i always thought you only had a short window of when you're actually ovulating, but i know sperm can live in our bodies for longer than we think. i'm just trying to hold out some hope for this cycle, although i know it's probably very unlikely. i was traveling, but we BD'd on a Sunday night (late) and then I had some brownish spotting that could be O related on Tues. Then i returned home on Fri. Anyway, just thinking out loud i guess. you learn something new every day with IF huh.

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Re: timing for ovulation

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    Yep.. FF considers anywhere from 3 days before ovulation to the day after your fertile window. You don't ovulate for a day or 2, just one. But like you said, it takes the sperm time to swim, and they can live for a few days inside.
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    In general,  we usually try to BD the whole week of ovulation. So whatever week I expect to get a positive OPK, we start like 3 days before that and go like 3 days after it.  My positive OPK was Tuesday, 02/14/2012.  So we had sex Saturday through Saturday.  Sometimes every other day.. sometimes every day.. depending on what we have going on but we do it as much as we can the whole week.  Sperm does live for a while.. I've heard 3 days.. I've heard 3-5.. my RE usally recommends every other day around trigger/positive OPK
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    PP is correct that the fertile window is considered for five days.... three days prior to O, day of O, and day after O.   This is because sperm can live up to 4 days and and your egg follie can live over 24 hours. 

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