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2nd time + preemie moms come in...or anyone for that matter

I don't know what to do...I have been getting the 17p shots since 16 weeks, have had 6 ultrasounds for cervical measurements...they started at 17 weeks I was at a 2.9 stayed there for a while and went up to a 4cm and now, as of yesterday according to my doc am 50% effaced. My FFN was negative (which at this point doesn't mean anything to me other than it wasn't positive).

This is the SAME exact time that everything started with my first LO.  I had preterm contrax starting at 27 weeks, at 28 weeks another hosp. visit being put on Mag. sulfate, negative FFN, and 4 days later, at 29 weeks my cervix was measured at 1.8cm. 6 hours later my water broke and I was dilated to 2cm.  It only took 6 hours.  I'm so afraid I am headed down that road again.

How do I prepare for another preemie?????  This pregnancy has surfaced a lot of feelings that I never knew I had about him being born early.  I feel like I am reliving everything that happened all over again.  I'm desperately trying to stay positive...but I'm so afraid.

My doc hasn't seemed outright concerned for me to be on bedrest since I work in an office and sit literally all day but everyone else around me thinks I should be on it.  I don't know that it makes a difference.... What do I do? Esp. with a toddler at home!

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Re: 2nd time + preemie moms come in...or anyone for that matter

  • Can you get a second opinion? Go to the hospital and maybe get another opinion. I would be pretty pissed off if my doctor was ignoring all the signs of IC. Ugh, I wish I knew what to say, but I don't. Praying that LO stays put and that you can make it to full term.



  • I know your LO was born a lot earlier than mine were, but FWIW, the NICU is easier the second time around. Even my husband was more relaxed (and he's the biggest baby when it comes to this stuff). It helps that you know what to expect with not only yourself and the baby, but all the rules/hours, etc. of the NICU. It's not as intimidating to do little things like hold your baby, and I think overall, you will be more knowledgable about the situation, making it easier to deal with.

    I will say, it is a little harder when you have another one at home needing your attention. I felt very guilty leaving the twins to go home to my 3 year old. I had been on hospital bedrest for awhile though, and I felt like she had been missing me. It was also Christmas, so I was torn about that too. I wanted to be with the babies, but also at home celebrating with my daughter and the rest of my family! With your first baby, you can stay in the NICU all day and night if you want! With the second (and third), it's a lot harder to divide your time. You will make it work though.

    Sorry to hear you are going through all this! Maybe you could push the issue with your OB a little more (they're used to crazy pregnant women). With a history of a 27 or 28 weeker, seems like you should be seeing high risk as well. Are you? Who's giving you the shots? Here, everyone I know goes to MFM for the shots and follow up.

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