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Which Temp Would You Use?

Charting my morning temps and CF, I O'd on Friday cd 23 (after less than a week on Fertility Blend, YEA!).  Before O my temps were a flat 96.9 for 4 of 6 days. After O my temps have been a flat 97.3.  This morning I woke up 1 1/2 hours before my normal temping time freezing because DH stole the covers.  Normally I would have just covered back up and gone back to sleep.  But this time I decided to check my temp.  It was 96.9, below my cover line.  I went back to sleep then retemped at my normal waking time and it was back where it has been since O, 97.3.  I used the 97.3 on my chart since it is consistant with the last several days, but now I'm wondering if I should use the first one instead and adjust for the time.  Which one would you have used?
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Re: Which Temp Would You Use?

  • I'd use the 2nd one, as long as you weren't up and about for more than a couple minutes... Of course, what if this dip (96.9) is an implantation dip?

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