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Hi ladies,

I'd like to introduce myself here because it looks like I'll be hanging out for awhile.  I delivered my baby today at 33 weeks quite unexpectedly.  While he is doing fine, I am a little more than freaked out and concerned about what this means for him long-term.  Hopefully I can find you all helpful in getting through at least the beginning months of this process : )

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  • Congratulations on the birth of your son.  There are tons of amazing children on this board that have defied the odds.  Lots of hope to be found! 
  • Also, an April mom (due april 4th) turned February mom. Just had my twins at 34w2d on Friday night at an emergency c-section, definitely very overwhelming!! They are in the NICU but doing well! I get out of the hospital tomorrow and really don't want to go home (I wish I could just stay here and camp out next to my kid's isolettes!) Hugs!!!
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  • Congratulations on the birth of your son. My DD was born at 33w 4d (almost 2.5 years ago), as you are, I was shocked and concerned. She spent 12 days in the NICU and basically was a feeder grower. She finally caught up at one years old and has never really looked back. Praying for a short and uneventful NICU stay.



  • Congratulations, momma!! I had my DS at 31wks via emergency c section. DS is still in the NICU, so it's been emotionally exhausting. I found this board to be really supportive & full of families who have gone thru this before. DH and I have come up with a visiting routine that works for us (we both are back at work) & i will be taking the rest if my maternity time when DS comes home. Best of luck to you!!
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  • Congratulations!! Glad to hear your son is doing well. It's definitely a lot to take it all at once huh?  Wishing you the best!
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