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Pregnant after 35

To CVS or Not to CVS... That is my question.

Since I am over 35 with this pregnancy, I am facing a new decision. I am at the point where it is time to decide if I am going to have the CVS.  I am leaning towards not doing it.  After reading up on the procedure, I am worried about the risks.  And in all honesty, I don't know what I would do with the information once I got it. Does that make sense?  Ugh! 

My doctor is not pushing for it.  She says it is totally up to me. Tongue Tied

So I'm looking for some input. 


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Re: To CVS or Not to CVS... That is my question.

  • When it comes down to it, this is something that only you and your DH can decide.

    I decided not to have the NT Scan, CVS or Amnio for 2 reasons.  #1 I knew I would not terminate my pregnancy no matter what the results and I didn't want to add extra stress to myself during pregnancy.  #2 I knew I wouldn't do the CVS or Amnio because after struggling with IF and having to go through treatment to become pregnant, I am not willing to do anything that had a chance at causing a miscarriage, no matter how slight the risk may be.

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  • Its definitely a personal decision you need to make.  I will, however, suggest you look into some non-invasive testing options.  There are first and second trimester screening tests (screening, not conclusive).  There is also the MaterniT21 blood test. 

    GL to you with whatever you decide!

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  • I did not have the CVS but did have the NT scan. When we met with the Genetic counsellors we decided that we would do the NT and if the results were poor then we could at that point consider an Amnio. The NT is totally non invasive so I felt quite comfortable with that and am thankful my results were great so I chose not to do further testing. 

    It is a big decision and only you know what your comfort level is.  Good luck. Whatever you choose will be right for you

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  • After a previous loss and dealing with infertility to get pregnant again, I didn't want to do anything with a chance for miscarriage.  We did the 1st tri blood work with NT scan, followed by the 2nd tri quad screen (blood work).  We met with a genetic counselor at the time of our level 2 U/S at the 20 week mark.  My numbers were very reassuring, and that was good enough for me.  Again, it still just provides odds.  If you are more of a "need to know for sure" kind of person, the CVS might be a better option.
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  • I know exactly how you feel and was struggling with the same thing. The thing that helped me decide was the "what would I do with the info" question. Even if you wouldn't abort, some people say they'd like to know so they can "prepare." I'm a special ed teacher and I can't imagine what someone would do to prepare. Would the buy a book on Down's Syndrome? From what I know from my students, no book would have prepared their parents so what's the point? I completely agree with the added stress issue and I've decided it's just not worth it. Every baby deserves an excited mommy and I think if I knew anything it would rob my baby of that right. Anyway, I know that was kind of blunt but I was searching for input a week ago and I got nothing but "it's a decision you need to make in your heart" and that wasn't cutting it for me. After talking with a lot of moms this week, I really gained some perspective. Hope it helps.
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  • Hi, I just had amnio on Friday, and wanted to give you my input.  My husband and I decided to have the NT scan as early as possible, with the expectation that we would have CVS if the scan numbers came back as high risk for anything, and amnio if we were at low risk.  As we got great results from the NT scan, we had the amnio, and I'm glad I did it.  I just received the FSH results with a 99% assurance that our baby does not have any of the age related genetic issues.

    As to why we would have amnio even after great NT scan numbers, for us it was a simple calculation.  The NT scan misses about 15% of the cases, and it is a ratio of likelihood, not a definitive answer.  I am now 38, and the risk of a genetic illness at my age is 1:70, which is far greater than the risk associated with the amnio (or CVS for that matter).  In our case we would have terminated for certain problems, but more importantly if we decided to keep the pregnancy, we would have wanted to know what to do.  I have a friend with a Down's baby and they detected the Down's pre-natally with NT scan and amnio.  Before he was born, her family started forming relationships with other families in her area with the same situation for support.  They were able to have specialist on hand at the delivery to quickly identify any heart problems, and operated immediately on the hole in his heart to avoid complications.  Her older children were already in a support group, and were used to being around other Down's babies as a result.  There is a LOT you can do to prepare, no matter what your eventual decision would be.

    That said, as much as it's a clique, everyone needs to make a personal decision, and there is no wrong choice.  I'd suggest talking to medical professionals and/or genetics counselors to get all the info before deciding.  Good luck.

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  • Thanks for the replies... some good food for thought.  I know this is only the beginning of the tough questions! Thanks again ladies.. I appreciate the honesty and bluntness... you guys were right, that is exactly the kinda thing I was looking for!!
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  • image jncoates:
    I'm a special ed teacher and I can't imagine what someone would do to prepare. Would the buy a book on Down's Syndrome? From what I know from my students, no book would have prepared their parents so what's the point?

    There are sometimes other health concerns with Down Syndrome or other children with chromosomal abnormalities that will need to be dealt with by a hospital with a Level 1 NICU. Some children need open heart surgery right after birth. This may affect your choice of what hospital to deliver at, especially if you are not close to a large city center.

    The CVS is not 100% but it is the closest you can get in terms of making sure your child has all their pairs of chromosomes with no extras or large bits deleted. CVS will not detect small micro-deletions or duplications. Our son has three micro-deletions not picked up by CVS that caused multiple issues. We are very thankful and lucky that he was born at a large hospital with a top notch NICU.

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  • First of all, your little boy is adorable! Second, I should have mentioned that we are not concerned about preparing because we're giving birth at the best neonatal facility in the country. As long as the docs are ready for anything, we'll be ready for whatever they hand us that day.
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