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If you've dealt with croup-like stuff....

Does the croup like cough turn phleghmy??? 

DS2 started with a dry barky cough Fri night--but I'd say by even Sat night he was already getting a little phlegymy and then moreso yesterday and by this morning a lot more.  I'm almost scared of him choking.  It's more than I've ever heard with any cold DS1 ever had.  But he's not wheezing.

I'm not hearing stridor either. 

I hate this part of mommyhood.

Re: If you've dealt with croup-like stuff....

  • Not with croup, but his RSV cough was very congested. Have you taken him in to be seen?

    (FWIW, between the two, I take croup any day over RSV.)

    Dear Bump: You suck.
  • We are dealing with croup now, and it has not been phlegmy at all.  I would definitely take your LO in to the pedi.
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  • image rssnlvr:

    Not with croup, but his RSV cough was very congested. Have you taken him in to be seen?

    (FWIW, between the two, I take croup any day over RSV.)

    we took him in sat morning--- they said his lungs were clear.  He had nasal congestion at that point but nothing else but it seems like it changed super fast and it's like there is a combo thing going on right now that is concerning.  I know DS1 was on a nebulizer around 10 months old and so I know what to listen for--and I used the stethoscope and not hearing anything alarming-but know how quickly LO's can change too.  Ugh.....

  • DD hasn't had croup, but ditto pp. DD (probably) has RSV and her cough is very phlegmy.


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  • DS1 had croup several times, and it always turned phlegmy as it progressed. But he always had to see a pedi for it, so I would definitely call if you're worried.
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  • DS is just getting over bronchiolitis, my mom said is sounded like croup when he coughed. I'm a FTM, not sure the difference. He was not phlegmy though, congested and had a runny nose. He was wheezy a little bit, but not much. Definitely stay in contact with the pedi.

  • FTM here too and this thread is making me worry. LO started with a runny nose Saturday and started to develope a cough yesterday. It never slowed her down much. She ate and drank the same, but did sleep a little more. Well, now she's in bed and I can hear her coughing. I think she sounds terrible. No fever though. My DH thought she was getting better but I don't think so. He's home with her all day while I'm at work.  


    Well, as I sit here and type, I can hear her upstairs in her crib coughing :-(   I think her Dad is going to get to take her to the pedi tomorrow. At the very least I'll know we are over looking something. She's made it almost 10 months without getting sick. 

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  • We went through this two weeks ago. DS started out with a bad cold, ear infection then developed croup and stridor all at once.  We did go to the pedi before he delveloped the croup & stridor and they put him on amoxcillion.  After a couple of days I called the doctor b/c he started getting croup, the on call doc prescribed a small dosage of steriods for stridor.  The croup was mild, but we did our best to prevent it from getting worse ( taking hot steamy showers a couples a day and running out into the cold) that does help believe it or not.   And yes, it did break down and turn phlegm.  It was miserable and it took about 9 days for him to get over it all.
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