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Co Sleeping Advice

What is your advice for transitioning from co sleeping to sleeping alone?  My son is almost 19 months and we are ready to move him to his crib just across the hall in his bedroom.  He is a good sleeper at night but I'm worried about how he will handle the transition and not having us right next to him at night. 

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Re: Co Sleeping Advice

  • You could move him straight to a floor bed rather than a crib, so that it's easy for you or DH to join him in his bed for a while if he needs you.

    You could try starting the night in the crib, and then slowly extending the time he spends there if he wakes up (so at first, bring him in at the first wakeup, then only after 2 am, or whatever extending the crib time).

    You could set up a bed outside the crib but within reach for DH or you to sleep beside him while he's in the crib for a while.

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  • You could sidecar the crib without the rail for a week or so, the put the rail on for a week the move it away from your bed for a week then into his room.
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