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Low Lying Placenta??

I had some spotting last week and went in for an ultrasound. Doc was out at L&D for an emergency and I wasn't able to actually speak to her there. She called me later and said baby was doing good and she didn't have an answer for why I was spotting other than it could be due to my low lying placenta. She didn't really seemed concerned about it and I wanted to ask more questions but I was in the grocery store when she called. After doing some research it seems like it might correct itself as I am only 18 weeks, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this or is currently going through it?


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Re: Low Lying Placenta??

  • I have this also.  My OB said that 90% of cases diagnosed before the third trimester resolve.  They usually take another look later in pregnancy.  My next check is at 28 weeks where they expect that my placenta will have moved away from my cervix. 

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  • My OB said my placenta was low as well, but that it should resolve itself. You'll probably have to have an extra ultrasound to check, but I wouldn't worry too much about it until then. Good luck!

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  • i too have this it is referred to asplacenta previa and is the other ladies are right the problem should correct itself in most cases. mine was found at 10w3d i was sppotting and went in for ultrasound and was told it was bc the placenta was so low i had another ultrasound 12w3d and placenta hadnt yet shifted but was only 2 weeks later and dr. said not to worry until its in 3rd trimester and even then not usually a problem.

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