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homestudy question

So, we have somethings that I'm worried about with the home study and was wondering those who have been through this could help!

We have a glass coffee table, will they question this?

Will our TV's, and furniture need to be tethered to the wall?  

How many baby gates will we need? One for the bottom and the top of the stairs?

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Re: homestudy question

  • Our social worker didn't really comment on the safety of our furniture. She just asked us to give her a tour of our house. We have several Art pedestals that are not secured and she didn't even ask about them. She never looked for baby safety items (even though I had everything). The things she made notes on were  the # of BR/BT and Square Footage. 


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  • See, I think all of this depends on the state you're in (and to some extent, the county and maybe even your agency), and if you're fostering or doing domestic adoption. In California, for us, not one of those things was necessary. 

    Our agency gave us a checklist for the state requirements well ahead of time. See if you can get a checklist from your agency now... The biggy for us was needing to have medication, alcohol and cleaning supplies locked, and alcohol locked or inaccessible.

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  • Our social worker asked us questions about where cleaning products are kept and where we plan to put in safety features, but did not in any way make us feel they should already be done.  DH showed her the gates we've purchased (but not yet installed) and we talked about what things we're planning on doing in the next several months.  She made a few comments about ways we could simplify our babyproofing, but that was it.  

    Unless you've been told that all those things need to be done, I'd just make a list (mental or otherwise) of the things you will do over time.  Don't stress about having it all done ahead of time unless you absolutely have to.  



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  • For our home study (private adoption) our SW just took a tour of our home.  She didn't note anything other then size/rooms/etc.  We didn't have any gates or any child safety things at all and she didn't say anything.
  • Ask the social worker if she can provide you a list of house expectations so you can prepare.  It's not like a test... you'll make her life easier if you have the things in place that you need.

    For example, our agency expected us to have an actual lock on a medicine cabinet/box.  Many expect them to be put out of reach but ours also needed a lock.  These are things only the agency doing the HS will know and should provide.  GL.

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  • When I did mine, they never commented on any furniture.  My case worker gave me a list of things to be sure to do, like fire extinguisher, smoke alarms on everylevel and bedrooms, fire escape posted, meds and toxins locked up, that sort of things. I also had glass coffee table and never said a word.
  • We didn't need to worry about baby-proofing our house. You may want to ask your home study agency what they are expecting with the home visit - i.e. baby gates, etc. They want to help you become parents. I would expect that they would be able to give you an understanding as to their expectations.

    Good luck!

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