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Shower Question?

How long before your due date do you have your shower? I'm due August 9th and am actually having two showers..One is tentatively scheduled for June 30th. Is that too early?

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Re: Shower Question?

  • I am due May 11th.  My shower is March 18th.  It was the only week that worked.  The next week is my birthday, next two go into spring break, then Easter, next is my goddaughters b-day (my friend's daughter and she is one of my hosts), and then I will be 38 weeks.  I think it is important for you to feel comfortable with your date. 
  • I think that is fine. You could end up going into labor early, so it would be nice to have everything for baby ready to go before he arrives.
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  • Why would that be too early?  That's only 5 weeks before your EDD.  I think that's more on the later-ish side than the early side.
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    Why would that be too early?  That's only 5 weeks before your EDD.  I think that's more on the later-ish side than the early side.

    See, that's what I thought, too! But my mom said I should wait until mid-July which seems super late..

    I think for my other shower, I'll have them schedule it earlier in June instead of in July.

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  • I would say 2 months or so before the due date is about right..for one you could go into labor early.  Plus when you are 8-9 months pregnant some women don't feel up to having the shower but at 6-7 months or so along you will be big enough to really look pregnant (I was worried about this one).

    At my shower I will be about 29 weeks - which I think is perfect..I will look obviously pregnant but not too pregnant that I am miserable and it is in April so the weather won't be too terrible (hopefully).  Plus I will have a good 2 months to get things ready and buy things I still need. 

  • I also agree that's tending toward the later side. A close friend of mine had her baby (very unexpectedly) the day after her shower, a month before the due date. There were a lot of schedules that had to be worked with to pick the date because of out of town family members. I think the date 5+ weeks before your due date is completely fine.
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  • IMO - it is perfect timing.
  • i've seen this on a lot of threads and generally walked away w/ the impression that the girls said 26-32 weeks is great b/c: 

    - you have more time to set things up and buy anything you didn't get

    - you *hopefully* aren't to the point yet where you're uncomfortable all the time


  • I don't think that is too early at all.
  • I don't think that's too early.  I was due February 11th and my showers were the first and second weekends in December so about two months ahead of time.

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