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Has any delivered at North Central Baptist on Stone Oak? Any one go to Northeast OB? What do you think?
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Re: North Central Baptist

  • I used both. I had no problems with either. my doctor was too quick with the Doppler but that is pretty minor. 
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  • I used both also... Had the best experience. I ended up having gestational diabetes... My dr kept a close eye on me. When my dr wasn't in the office I would have to see other doctors in the practice... I liked every one of them. 

    My delivery nurses were the best! Actually, all my nurses were great! I think if you decide to delivery at North central baptist you are making a great choice. :-) 

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  • So far the doctors at Northeast have been great. I had a car accident 3 weeks ago and ended up going to North Central Baptist and they were great. I had a bad delivery exp. with DS in another state and just wanted to feel really good about the hospital and doctors this time. So far so good!


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  • I currently use Northeast OB and they're pretty great, Ive only had a few issues with them but I enjoy my doctor and I feel like now that I ask questions and speak up when Im concerned that everything is much smoother! Good Luck!
  • Dr. Farhart is the best at Northeast OB & takes great care of his patients. I also delivered at North Central & loved the hospital & nurse staff. They offer a massage for the new mom & have a nice quiet dinner delivered to your room for the new mom & dad.
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  • I had my son at North Central Baptist 4 weeks ago. I have nothing bad to say about the hospital - everyone was wonderful. My son spent 5 days in the NICU there and both the nurses and doctors were absolutely fantastic.
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  • jssica2jssica2 member
    hi i had my 2 kids at north central baptist by c-s i love it ther they r so nice the rooms r nice to. my dr was so sweet i loved him.when its time to have a nuther baby i know im going back too north central baptist
  • I am a current patient for Northeast OB. My doctor Dr Joy Aden is beyond amazing!! She open and keeps me very calm. At the beginning I had some complications but she never made it feel like I was a bad person or like it was my fault. My hair stylist just gave birth to her son 3 months ago she also delivered at North central said they were amazing. The rooms are nice, they gave new mommy daddy a steak dinner. So I can't wait for my son to be born to go thru this experience knowing I'm in such good hands. I recommend Dr Joy Aden, and her staff
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