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having another csection

Hi! I've decided to have another csection (it will be my 2nd). With my first I had a vaginal and with baby #2 had an emergency csection.

I keep hearing horror stories about how awful csections are....to be honest, mine wasnt that bad! I had an episotimy with my vaginal, that was a painful recovery. Recovery from the csection was painful too, but I would say I was fine when I left hospital (slight pain and still on meds but I was able to function). I've read some posts on here where people say they wernt themselves until 2 months later!

How long did it take all of you to bounce back after a csection? I was in a wedding 3 weeks after mine, so I was completly fine by then (physically).

Re: having another csection

  • Nine months. No joke. 

    It wasn't about pain; I didn't have much of what I would call severe pain at all. But for reasons I will never know, I was very sore, achy, and slow-moving for a long time. I just wasn't comfortable moving around like I used to, and I had lots of back pain due to being hunched over throughout recovery. I was super fit pre-pregnancy, so the slow recovery was hard for me to swallow. I didn't feel up to jogging again until 7 months out, and to this day I still have some soreness in the incision area. I'm almost a year post partum.

    Everyone recovers differently. I hope you have another breezy one!

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  • My first was not the greatest pain wise because my son went back to the hospital at  6 days old and we could stay with him for the first 3 days. Traveling back and front was rough this hospital was about 45 min away. I didn't leave his side much so I wasn't resting. Pumping milk wasn't working and when he first went into the hospital I did have my pain meds for a few hours. My dad brought them to me on his way to hospital. 

    The incision healed great. The stress from seeing my baby sick was well, it's hard to find the words. But he is healthy now.  

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  • I felt great by the 2 week mark, both times.
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