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Diagnose me

So I think I may be dealing with some unresolved PPD/PPA. When DD (2 years old) is with me I feel anxious, irritable, trapped and uncomfortable. Anyone else feel this way? The strange thing is I don't feel depressed so not sure what this could be. Anyone have any helpful insight? TIA!

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  • I definitely feel like this sometimes. My daughter is 16 months, and lately I've been really beating myself up because I feel so guilty about not being in total bliss everytime I am with her. I am starting to understand though, that having those expectations are not realistic, and only set me up for failure and feed my anxiety.

    Being a parent is hard work. It unrealistic to expect that each moment is going to be hearts and roses. Sometimes entertaining and caring for a toddler can be downright irritating, and if any mom says that they haven't felt this way before, they must be lying and/or delusional.

    If you are finding that the feeling is constant and results in anxiety that disrupts your life, go see your doctor. There are many things out there including med and therapy (I get both) to help you. Best of luck! You are not alone!

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  • Thanks for the advice bhession! I feel the exact same way you do. I am also receiving therapy and take medication already. Thanks!
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  • Mommy guilt. I think we all have it at times. I know I can relate to a lot of those feelings. Are you a sahm (if you don't mind me asking). I am, and I know that really adds to my feelings of being trapped.
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