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Trasnsitioning out of rocking to sleep?

 I know DD is capable of falling asleep on her own, she's done it quite a few times before. CIO is not an option, she has a toddler bed she does sleep in(we room share). Her bed is right next to mine most nights she sleeps in her bed from 8pm(bedtime) til about 2 and then she will crawl in bed with me, which is perfectly fine.

I have a few times been able to put her down drowsy she will sometimes turn over and fall asleep, other times she cries and tries to sit up, usually when she does that I will sit on the floor next to the bed, tell her "it's ok, im here" and pat her butt or rub her back for a bit and she will go to sleep.

So..How do I get dd to fall asleep without being rocked?


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