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help me find a baby sitter

I need an in home baby sitter for about 16 hours per week.

how did you find yours?  what interview ?s did you ask?

anyone use sitter city?  for some reason I am scared to try it 

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Re: help me find a baby sitter

  • i used sittercity. def. got some duds but overall had a pretty good response. I found it very easy to narrow down at the interview. one girl never showed, the other girl was very distant and shy and didn't even really acknowledge my DD and the last one (thankfully!) was down on the floor, playing and laughing with my DD within minutes of meeting her. been using her for months for occasional sitting and totally love her. i would highly rec. calling all the references - def. gave me some piece of mind too. 

    Also, I continued to get a ton of responses after finding our current sitter. So don't get discouraged if the first couple are not good fits. I know it seems daunting but it def. gets easier once you get started. GL!

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