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Sporadic movement 17-19 weeks

I know I know... some people don't feel anything until even later, but I had to ask for those who have had similar experiences...

Pretty sure I missed the flutter stage altogether and started feeling little mini thumps or kicks, like baby finger pokes, around 17 weeks, something a bit stronger and definite at 18 weeks, and since then nothing.. no flutter, no kicking, and I'm almost 20 weeks now.

Meah.  I'm not freaking out, just a little anxious about it.  I thought once I started to feel actually kick movement it would become increasingly more regular.  I feel great otherwise, but it was nice having the reassurance that baby girl was in there and moving around. 

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Re: Sporadic movement 17-19 weeks

  • I'm sorry! I just started feeling this LO move and remember how freaked out I would get when I wouldn't feel my first move for a day or so.. just try to remember that consistent movement isn't expected till after 24wks. 

  • Ugh, right there with you. Baby was consistent for awhile now off/on.  I chalk it up to a change in position (they are still so small and have lots of room in there).  I remember when I was pg with ds it being the same.  Try not to worry!

  • You must of read my mind, I literally googled this right before coming to this site. I never really felt anything until a few days ago at the a/s scan... its been regular since but I've noticed since last night, nothing. Odd. I guess he just found a new hiding spot. Sneeky little guy...
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  • i started feeling at 16 weeks and illbe 18 tomorrow. I dont feel things every day, I feel it every other day or every 2 days if that. Remember the baby is still really small so it is kicking an dbouncing but its too far back for you to notice most of the time.


  • I just saw my doctor last week (I am 16 weeks) and she said to start expecting to feel movement in the next couple of weeks. She also said to expect it only sporadically, with several days in between sometimes. She said that is completely normal early on. The baby is so small that it has to be in certain positions for you to even feel the movements at first.
  • Thank you for posting this!!!  I have been feeling movement for quite awhile, it started very early in my case.  But the last couple of days have been quiet and I am getting concerned.  Glad to hear that it seems to be normal!
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  • you also have to remember that it could also be where the baby is positioned. I used to go a few days without feeling her move. it freaked me out and then I would remind myself this. I didnt start feeling everyday movement until about 22 weeks.
  • I'm 20 weeks today and having been going through this as well. I have noticed though that the movement is now higher up when I do feel it and since it's been higher up I don't always cartch it unless my hands on my belly. I would just said its a position thing they should start getting stronger soon though 
  • I'm 18 weeks and haven't felt a thing.  I just saw the doctor two days ago who said they don't start to worry until there is no movement at 22 weeks.
  • I started to feel my baby around 18 weeks. It was just little pokes and thumps like you said. Nothing was very regular or consistent. The doctor said I shouldn't worry about it until 25-28 weeks. Hang in there! I know it's nice to have the reassurance, but I'm sure your little one is just fine :) 
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  • Thanks everyone!  Really, I can't tell you how reassuring all your responses are, so thanks bunches and bunches.  I think I might have felt a little something earlier tonight, but I'm just going to commit myself to relax and take it easy and save the worries for my ob appointment this week. 

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  • I'm 18 weeks now, and I've been feeling little pokes and nudges off and on for about a week now-- usually at least once a day. I can definitely tell when LO is repositioning him/herself, because things tighten up in there and it feels like a softball for a little while until LO gets comfortable. Odd, but cute :)
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