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2nd Trimester

Has anyone been accidentally punched in stomach?!?

I'm 21 weeks pregnant & was just accidentally punched right in the stomach :((( of course now my stomach just aches... Has this happened to anyone?!? 

Re: Has anyone been accidentally punched in stomach?!?

  • How were you accidentally punched in the stomach and how hard were you hit?
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  • Who accidently punched you?  If it hurts you might want to just call the nurse line and get their advice.  My dog did but it didn't hurt a lot and I now take precautions to make sure it doesn't happen again.  I was also swimming laps and someone was not completely straight and their foot or hand came close to hitting me there but missed thankfully.  

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    How were you accidentally punched in the stomach and how hard were you hit?

    Uh, yeah. That.

    Call your dr dude. 

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  • It's hard to describe, but my husband was bending over and I guess he didn't realize my stomach was facing the side of his hip. He swung his hip hard left (joking around I guess & not knowing I was there?) and boom it hit me right in the stomach. Not hard enough to knock me down or anything like that, just enough that I defintely felt it, it shocked me at first & I thought I was fine & just yelled at him for being soooo damn stupid, but then when I sat down I feel achy in upper stomach like someone punched me. 
  • ur streaching stomach is like mine it feels like a bruise from streaching :( and so its prolly a combo of him bonking u and already hurting... my dr said it would take a major hard  hit or fall to hurt baby there is ALOT of cushion to protect them..i asked because my toddler is always trying to wrestle or sneek up and jump full force on me.. and sometimes i just cant catch him b4 he thuds me... of course i correct him when he does it and he does it alot less often now he realizes there is a baby in there he doesnt want to hurt...i would say u are fine but if u have sharp pains or bleeding to call dr... tell ur hubby to put a beeper on his booty b4 he swings it around like that to warn ya nxt time haha

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  • Depends how hard you were hit.

    I've never been punched but my french bull dog thinks it's cool to walk on me sometimes. It's never affected anything. 

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  • I know anything is possible, but how in the world does that happen?

    Who would accidentally punch a pregnant woman in the stomach? 


  • When I was preg with my first I was in a bad car accident. The midwife checked to make sure the heart beat was ok, then the next morning I went in to get an ultrasound to make sure the uterus did not tear, which it hadn't :) They didn't really worry if the fetus was ok, since I was just entering my 2nd trimester. I did however have a broken or cracked rib (I couldn't get an X-Ray), among other bruises.
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  • With my first pregnancy, I played competitive basketball-I was the starting center, from about three to six and a half months pregnant.  I got knocked around, elbowed, and fell to the ground many times.  I had my dr's okay to play.  He just said that if anything wasn't feeling right, stop playing and call him.  Now, this maybe isn't a risk that I would take now, but everything was totally fine during that pregnancy.  I was never even concerned about actually getting hurt playing.

    I also went downhill skiing once during that pregnancy.  I fell and jammed my thumb and realized that I could get hurt, so I took off my skis and walked to the chalet.

    With this pregnancy, DD has jumped on my belly, fallen into my belly, etc. because the concept of a baby in there isn't really up there on her priority list.  She hasn't landed hard enough for me to worry about any real harm...Usually it just ends with a grunt and a reminder to be careful...

  • Thanks for your replies everyone! I called the nurse and she said as long as there's no bleeding, leaking fluid or severe pain, I'm ok. And that since the pain is in upper stomach near ribs, it's just me hurting not baby. She went on to say if you get a direct punched in stomach that makes you fall- then you must come in but otherwise baby is verry protected.

     I agree with the above, that my ligaments & abdominal was probably already sore from stretching and knocking it around makes it extremely sore as I STILL feel sore!! Every time i move it feels like 1000 sore ab muscles reflexing. However, Im feeling baby a ton moving around (thank God) which makes me feel so much better. 


    As far as HOW this can happen-- you got me! I'm still really pissed at DH for just doing something so stupid even though I know it was completely unintentional and he was probably trying to make me laugh with his butt movement?!? I've know him for 16 years and he's never accidentally hit my stomach doing something stupid-- I guess he just had to wait till I was 21 weeks pregnant-- ugh!  

  • Our little devil of a chihuahua once pounced on my belly!  Tiny critters, but when they jump on your belly it can take the wind out of you!  I've been holding a grudge ever since. 
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    Yes, my 3 year old (who is the height and weight of a 6 year old) often forgets her baby brother is living in Mama's belly so there have been several times when she'll get a running start and jump right on me while I'm lying on the couch.  I get a little achey but I've always snapped out of it.  If it's really bothering you though you may want to head to the ER.

    Yeah, this. Anyone with an older child or two has no doubt had their stomach head butted, ran into, punched, jumped on, etc. My two LOs often forget to be careful with my round belly. Sometimes it aches for a bit, but LO is pretty well protected in there. It wouldnt really concern me unless I was cramping or bleeding as a result. Anyway, if your nervous, call your dr, but you're likely fine. 

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  • I got "punched" in the upper belly area by a darn grocery cart this morning! I wasn't paying attention & ran smack into a hanging clothes rack thingy & it jarred the handle bar of the basket into my upper belly.  I was more embarrassed than anything! Of course I worried about the baby, but they really are super protected in there.  :) 
  • my doctor told me that the only time i should be worried is if my toddler (almost 2 years old) falls onto me from 4 feet above me. but i've never dealt with being punched, at least not while prego. but if ur really worried just call ur doctor and describe what happened. they will probably ask u to come in real quick to make sure the baby is all right.
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