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Pregnant after 35

Hi, I'm new.

My name is Tammy. I am 15 weeks 5 days preggers. I have a 17yr old daughter and a soon to be 16 year old son. ugggg. I'm crazy. I will turn 38 a couple months before baby is born. I miscarried last year in Feb. And had many miscarriages before and after my kids. So here I am completely freaked out and anxious about everything. Thought it would get better after week 12, not so much! I have already done the first screening tests and all came back good. I head the baby's heartbeat on Fri. Woke up sat with a feeling of dread and now the feeling is just getting worse and worse....i''m going crazy with worry. I'm also on effexor, and have been reading wayyyy too much bad stuff. That is very much adding to the anxiety. My Ob also put me on ambien for sleep. So i guess at least I can sleep. I wish I could hear that little heartbeat to know its all still good. Sighhh. Anyhow, sorry for the rant. Just needed to get it out to someone. I'm sure i'm just being over paranoid. I look forward to "meeting" and getting to know you all. Here's to happy and healthy pregnancies. :D 

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  • Congrats and welcome aboard!! Try not to worry too much; believe me I know easier sad then done.  All you can do is the best you can, and stay away from the internet!! The internet is not necessarily your friend!  Rant away!!  Best of luck to you through your preg.  Look forward to seein ya around the bump!!!
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  • I think it's almost impossible not to worry, especially if you have a shaky history. But try not to - it's better for you and baby to remain calm! And Kimmie is right, stay away from the internet because a lot of the info will just make you crazier. Listen to your doctor and if you want, get a 2d opinion, but relax! And welcome!

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  • Welcome, I'm new too. I do worry as well. I'm pregnant with number four and have a history of very healthy babies. I don't worry about this one because she kicks me every five minutes but I do currently worry about if I can survive this. 
  • HI - I'm new too - and pregnant with my 4th - which is a total shock to me!  I have a 16, 14 and 12 year old.  My husband is 50 and I am 44 - we were done! And I was on the pill - well - i guess there are some things out of my hands = so needless to say I am a little nervous with having this new little one.  My kids are so excited -wish I could say the same for my husband - he is beside himself.  Anyway - I am 19 weeks - feel great - and am expecting a little girl (my 16year old is a girl too and my other two are boys)  It would be nice to hear back from you so I know I am not alone!  Good luck!


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