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I'm interested in signing up my 3 year old for swim lessons and I've seen several people recommend Dynamo.  Does anyone have any experience there for the preschool age?  The student teacher ratio is 4:1, but with no swimming ability, I'm just wondering how this works.  Anyone do private lessons there?  My goal is safety, I'm not really concerned with learning the strokes, etc.. 

I've tried the Dynamo website as well as emailing a specific location, but the information I've gotten is little to nothing.


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  • We did lessons with Dynamo at Agnes Scott when Owen was 2. We weren't highly impressed. We had several instructors during one session and they weren't the most consistent. We took during the fall/early winter session and the indoor pool was pretty cold some weeks. I don't know about the 3 year olds, but at 2 they were just learning to be comfortable in the water mostly, not really swimming. When we are ready for swim lessons again, I am planning on trying someplace else to see the difference. I know all the different locations and instructors will make a difference in your experience.
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  • My kids are in the program...one is in the preschool group.

    The least efficient swimmers get the most shallow lane...the one with the steps.  The kids sit on the steps until the instructor gets them, works with them, and returns them to the steps.  Then she moves on to the next kid and keeps rotating the skills with each one.  There is a lifeguard on duty and another person nearby to watch them.  It works perfectly and the kids know to stay on those steps.  Even the older ones are taught to keep on hand on the side of the pool at all times.

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