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Postpartum Depression

Anger Issues

I know that I am PPD, I have just got officially diagnosied, but there is still an outstanding issue and that is my rage issues. I've heard depression is anger turned inwards. As I go thru talk therpy I am feeling more free to say no and go away when I want space from my husband and family, but I've hit the skids and really pushed them away. So much that my hsband says he wishes that when we fiirst met he had said to me "thanks but no thanks" and I am not sure how to fix it. Both he and I are arguing so much, every day. It's not healthy for us or for our baby I know that for sure. My husband says I should get on meds. My therpist recommends Cerexa and I am not sure it will help, but I feel if I don't medicate I may lose him or push him away.

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  • I was very hesitant of taking meds, currently on a very low dose of prozac (and still hesitant about it), but it has helped me get through the day... the thought of knowing that medicine will not be permanent, is what keeps me taking them... and hoping to be healed soon....



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  • This is a hard time for anyone, add in the overwhelming emotions those with PPD/PPA OCD face and you have a recipe for disaster. Yes, your anger is probably linked with PPD. Most people associate sadness with depression and fail to realize that rage can also be a symptom. I also understand your reservations on medication, I think most of us went through that, and in the end it is your choice.
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  • Had anger issues too, while going through PPD.  I took a low dose of celexa and saw a wonderful therapist that specialized in PPD.  After a year, I felt so much better and now I am pregnant again with my third and scared as hell that I might have issues again.  I feel at least I know what to do and who to contact as soon as I feel out of control.
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  • rage. that is the exact word i used when i finally went to get help when my son was almost a year old. i only called because i snapped and started screaming at my husband in front of my son in an uncontrollable, terrifying voice that i didn't even recognize as it was coming out of me. it was one of the scariest things i have ever experienced.


    they put me on 10mg of lexapro. it helped at first, but i've been on it for 3 months now and it's pretty much not helping much anymore. i have an appointment this afternoon to talk to a psychiatrist who i was referrred to by the LCSW i am seeing so she can change or up my meds. i need more help because the anxiety and rage is still there.


    i thought i was the only one who felt rage....i hate this for all of us. good luck.

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