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Those having boys...circumcision?


Re: Those having boys...circumcision?

  • imagemajorwife:

    I lean no. DH leans yes, so we have until the big U/S to really get into it if we are having a boy.

    But for the PPs that said they want their DS' to "look like Daddy", do you shave your pubes so your vulva looks like your daughters? Do you think she will be confused if she sees your vulva looks different than hers? Or do you not plan on being naked around her? But your son will be naked around his Dad?

    Frankly the "look like dad" argument is stupid and a little sexist.

    Agreed. DH and DS are both circumcised, but I can tell you that their penises look VERY VERY VERY VERY different.

    And DD has noticed that I have hair down there and she doesn't. I didn't respond by shaving my pubes (or, to make an even closer comparison, by getting her a pube hair transplant)... I simply explained why.

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  • imagelissydee:

    Also, I kind of feel like when the male is an adult, do you really think they are sitting at home thinking, "Man, I wish I still had that foreskin attached to my penis. I curse my parents from taking that away from me!"


    actually there are many studies out there offering anecdotal evidence where men have mourned the loss.  Mainly because it has greatly resulted in decreased sexual stimulation and pleasure.  The foreskin plays an important role as a sex organ.


    It is a decently common plastic surgery procedure--to have it restored. It doesn't restore the whole thing, but I think many feel like "it is better than nothing."  

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  • imageJessie11LU:

    We're having our son circumcised. We have several reasons for doing it, but DH got the deciding vote because he's got a penis and I don't.

    this exactly.



    this argument has never made one iota of sense to me.  One, its reeks of machoism and is extremely paternalistic.  Penis rules!  *eyeroll*  And two, you are also a parent to this child.  Your opinion  should weigh just as equally.

    I'm pretty sure no woman could ever relate to having a penis unless she had a sex change. You would be correct in stating it is "extremely paternalistic," however, there's no way to make male anatomy, maternalistic. I don't think the original point even insinutated that "penis rules." Other than having sex with someone who is uncircumcised, or having a sex change, there is no way any woman would have any experience or ability to understand what that boy/man would go through.

    But just because the decision involves male anatomy doesn't mean that the male parent gets final say. DH doesn't have a vagina, but that doesn't mean that I get to call all the shots regarding birth...

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  • Yeah, I don't care that DH has the penis, I still get a vote in MY CHILD'S medical care. His perspective and opinion matters because he is the child's father, and mine matters as well. How a man feels about his penis and circumcision, or lack thereof, is anecdotal, and anecdotal evidence is a silly thing to base a medical decision on. 

    Luckily, DH and I did our research and agree we won't circumcise our sons unless it's medically necessary for them (which happens in some rare situations), so this isn't an issue for us. 

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