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Update: Detailers are way too confusing

For the past few months my DH has been emailing back and forth with the detailer about his next orders.  On the very first email the detailer flat out said he had to wait until March before he was eligible to negotiate orders, his PRD is in Oct.

My DH just sent another email yesterday reminding the detailer that his window is coming up and if there was anything for FL, that's where we want to go.  The detailer said "Currently I have no sea duty in the JAX/Mayport area. Check back with me in March to see if something comes available. Also, your PRD is listed as October so you have March left to negotiate your next set of orders." 

Whatttt!??? from what this part says it looks like we only have March left to pick orders which if that is the case I'm beyond PISSED because there were like 5 sets of sea duty orders last month in FL!!

In your opinion does it sound like he's saying we only have March left to pick orders or we can't pick orders till March? This is why I HATE communicating about important stuff through email!  I told DH he HAS to call this guy tomorrow to get the story straight.

Re: Update: Detailers are way too confusing

  • I have observed detailers not following up, not knowing all of the details some times and only giving you info that they have that day. Sounds like he has the entire month of march to discuss and negotiate orders. It's not fair that the detailer is pushing him to march and not negotiating with him now. I would really be persistent with phone calls and clarifying questions, only to use emails to confirm and follow up.
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  • My DH has been in this situation many times. He has had two several instances where he was only allowed to look at the list and negotiate one month prior. This time we were supposed to be in San Diego for a four year sea tour and after just two years we've been given orders to Japan to report the end of March. Every move we've done with the military we were never able to "pick" where we wanted to go. DH can submit a list of top ten or so but once you come to the realization that the military's needs come first and they are going to put your DH where he is needed a lot of the stress will go away. It is something that is beyond your control...
    TTC our first Navy baby! Me:27 DH:30, together since 8/2003, Married on 7/2006
    9/26/10 stopped BCP and started TTC.
    9/2011 referred to RE. All blood work normal and DH's SA=normal results
    11/2011 HSG=both tubes clear
    One natural (monitored) cycle of Clomid, 50mg 2/2012= BFN
    Getting ready for first IUI, 3/2012 received orders to Japan! (postponed IUI)
    5/2012 Moved to Japan, fought Tricare for months over referral (no fertility treatment on our military base) for Japanese RE out in town!
    8/2012 Started seeing new RE
    9/2012, post coital test= hostile cervical fluid, (finally) moving on with first IUI!
    9/29/2012 IUI #1+trigger= BFN
    10/27/2012 IUI #2+100mg Clomid CD5-9+trigger= BFN
    11/28/2012 IUI #3+100mg Clomid CD5-9+trigger= BFN
    12/28/2012 IUI#4+100mg Clomid CD5-9+trigger=BFN
    2/1/2013 IUI#5+injectables+trigger=BFN
    3/2013 IUI#6+injectables+trigger=???
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  • DH found a website that tells you when you're allowed to negotiate based on the month your PRD is and according to it we were allowed to start negotiation in January lasting through March.  I keep ALL important emails, especially Military ones, and I was able to find the original email between my DH and the Detailer which he states that we have March-May to negotiate orders.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe they changed the policy or something but I highly doubt it and I think he told us false information.

    This isn't the first time he's been up for orders, DH has been in for 11 years, I served 7 1/2.  This also isn't the first time he got screwed but it makes me mad that the detailer might have screwed us based on wrong information.  It's one thing to say "hey the Navy needs you here" vs flat out lying so you're screwed into taking horrible orders.

  • Well turns out I was right and the dumb ass Master Chief made a mistake and thought DH's PRD was in Dec. not Oct. even though in EVERY email DH stated his PRD was in Oct. 

    The dumb ass is giving us until April to pick orders but it ticks me off we could have picked sea duty orders to FL LAST month!!!!  Now there is no guarantee if any FL orders will be there next month or in April!

  • That sucks.. I hope DH will be firm and ask for "special consideration" as his time frame was "erroneously overlooked" or ask the detailer if he can do some leg work to see what can be done to rectify the situation due to the "error".

    Not saying that "special consideration" will ever be granted but I've seen people orders changed (after the fact), "suddenly new positions" 'come up'... Good luck..  

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  • If you get Jax/Mayport do lots of research on where to live. Maybe you've lived there before, but I absolutely hated it.

    Good luck! (and I mean it, not trying to be rude or anything!!) 


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