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taking a 3-yr old to the rodeo?

I think DD would really enjoy it this year, so we're planning on going for the show this year.  Up until now, we've just gone to the fair grounds to the little kiddie area.

Has anyone else taken their 3-yr old to the actual rodeo - and did it go well? Any tips you'd like to share?  Is there a cheaper/cheapest way to get tickets (online/heb/etc) and is there ANY way to just get tickets to the rodeo part and not the concert?  I know we won't make it through an entire music show after the rodeo part is over.

I think it would be some good "big girl" fun time for her since it would just be DH, myself and DD1 for the trip.  Thanks for any advice!

Re: taking a 3-yr old to the rodeo?

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