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pull ups or no?

i just read on a mom blog that she was just using regular diapers instead of pull ups at night and it saved her alot of money.

anyone else do this? any benefits to one or the other?

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Re: pull ups or no?

  • We skipped Pullups all together with #3 and saved a bunch. 
  • We never did Pull Ups..DD's daycare doesn't allow them. We just used panties during the day and diapers at night until she was night time potty trained.
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  • I thought Pull Ups seemed like a waste of money and kind of confusing, really.  DS went straight to underwear during the day.  At night we used a diaper until he could stay dry all night.
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  • We didn't with Abby but she was much older when PT (3) and nighttime potty training took 2 weeks. With Emily we might once she gets out of the crib and can potty at night. Until then, we just use diapers since she's still in one piece jammies in her crib. She wakes up dry half the time but the other half, soaked. I'm not even sure pullups would hold the amount of pee she can put out at once!

    Like the PP said, if they'll be "up down" with it, pull ups are probably the way to go. If you put it on at night and remove it yourself in the morning, diapers.

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  • imageMrsRosie:
    We use pull ups at night for a couple of reasons.  First, he sometimes gets up and goes potty on his own, and a diaper wouldn't work for that.  Second, he feels they are closer to big boy underpants.  We tried going no pull up at night, but he's just not ready.  Too many middle of the night bedding changes yet.  Store brand pull ups really aren't that much more than diapers IMO.  We just use the Target brand.

    Same as this...we just use pull ups for night.  My boys can get them on and off themselves so they can go to the bathroom on their own.  For me the extra $$ were worth it for the convenience...and since it's just one a day I don't think the costs add up too much.

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  • We haven't started PT yet but I'm planning on using either a regular diaper until she's fully night time PTed or putting her in some kind of cloth pull-up if she's a wake-up-and-go-in-the-middle-of-the-night kid.

  • We skipped pull ups all together. When we decided to PT, we went in with the all or nothing mentality. He was already waking up dry (or mostly dry), so we jumped right into underwear at night too. He had accidents at night off and on for about a week and then started waking up in the middle of the night to pee...I just made sure to have several sets of sheets on hand. He wakes up every night between 11pm and 1am, calls for us to help him go potty, and then goes back to bed without a fuss. Hopefully with a bit more time, he'll be able to go potty on his own and then go back to bed by himself.

    It worked really well for us. Every kid is different, so I'm just sharing our experience :)

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