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when is the earliest you would test

i had b2b iui's on Mon and Tues last week, is Friday too early to test. i am don't wnat to be bummed out all weekend if it's bfn, i don't feel any symptoms at all, and i know it's too soon, all i have is acne!!!
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Re: when is the earliest you would test

  • If you test too soon, you will get a false positive from the trigger.  Personally, I test on Sunday morning so that if it is negative, I have a day to collect myself before I have to go back to work Monday.  Last IUI, I did that and started sobbing in church that day.  I could not stop.  However, breaking down in church is better than doing it in front of co-workers.

    Good luck.

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  • Sat or Sun morning should be fine. That will be 12 and 13 dpo, right? Better to know and have some time to celebrate or grieve. 

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