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If you have 2 under 2 :)

How early were you able to carry and cuddle with your toddler? I'm very attached to my ds2 and he's at that phase where he still wants to be picked up sometimes. If you have 2u2, when did you feel comfortable picking up and holding your toddler?
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Re: If you have 2 under 2 :)

  • DD1 was 20 months and around 22 lbs when DD2 was born. Discharge instructions were no lifting more than 10lbs for 2 weeks so I tried not to lift DD for that time. DH went back to work at 10 days pp and at that point I had no choice but to lift her occasionally (mostly, in and out of bed). I was very careful and it didn't hurt at all or cause any problems but I wouldn't lift her just cause she wanted to be picked up. I felt great, I was just worried about doing too much. If she asked to be picked up I'd take her hand and walk to the couch and help her climb up on my lap and we'd cuddle like that for a while. That worked for us. Also, I know this was not your question but I just have to add two under two is absolutely amazing! I'm sure you're a little worried about how it's all going to work out (I was) but it will work out and it will be so much fun. My DDs are already the best of friends! DD2 has reflux and was a very fussy baby for a while so the beginning was a little rough but she's 3.5 months old now and it's been smooth sailing for at least a month. It's all worth it to see DD1 smothering DD2 in kisses and saying "I love you sister!"
  • My two were fifteen months apart when I had my repeat c-section and it went really well. Like the pp, I did *have* to lift DD at some points in time, but I would say ''jump'' before which helped a little, although trying to coordinate her jumping and me picking her up at the same time was a little hilarious looking. DH went back around the ten day mark too, and by that point I was feeling pretty good and went right back to my routine with no issues. I say just listen to your body; last night I tried to move DS from his sister's bed (he's 33 lbs) and couldn't because I could feel a tugging/pressure on my incision so I called DH in to help. Take it easy definitely but it can be done.

    And like pp- two under two was amazing. A little hard at first, but now, the pay off has been incredible. Even though I have a boy/girl combo, they are seriously each other's best friend's and play so well together. Best choice ever to have them so close. :-)

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  • I had 2u2.  I could cuddle with DS immediately.  Carry - didn't carry him around on my hip until 6 weeks PP.  At 2 weeks PP, I could pick him up to put him in the car, crib, etc.  He'd already learned to get up on the couch next to me and climb the stairs with me when I was PG b/c it wasn't easy to carry him then either.
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  • Mine's going to be hard. He's 9+ months now and 25 lbs already!!! He's not crawling or walking and I'm hoping DD cooks long enough that he's moving around more on his own. Right now it's KILLING me having to carry him anywhere. I can't imagine after a c/s... Luckily DH will be home 2 weeks and I should be able to get family over for at least a week or so after that, but I'm worried.
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  • Pretty much as soon as I got home I could lift him, but I just limited it and did it very carefully.  I tried to only lift him to get him into the crib or car for a few weeks.  Mostly I sat on the floor with him and he'd sit in my lap, so we got a lot of snuggles in that way.
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